Welcome To My Backup Site

This is my place to write things that make me happy, whether other people are dropping by to see it or not. I miss my old LJ community, but I’m grateful for the new friends I’ve made here 😀

Jaded Grin/Purefoysgirl/Jade

I decided to give tumblr another try, so if you tumbl, you can catch my updates there. They post automatically whenever I post here, so there’s that. Also, my email is jadegreenworks@outlook.com if you superserious want to talk. If you’d rather maintain your anonymity (type that seven times fast!) then I suggest the Tumblr ask box. Cheers 😀

EDIT 03/30/2017    Finally finished that Historical Romance Alternate Universe for Hannibal! Check out Overcoming and let me know what you think!

EDIT 08/18/2016    Check out my light D/s Hannibal series, Put a Collar on That Pup.

EDIT 05/22/2016     A Bitter Taste is finished. Check out Digestivo for more Hannigram.

EDIT 04/21/2016     Now with Ao3!

EDIT 04/17/2016     There’s a new page along the top for my Hannibal fanwork. Enjoy!

EDIT 12/30/2014      Got about 26 pages of my Tiger and Bunny Inspired Comic up 😀

One of my m/f porn books is free until November 11. Just saying. There’s always Kindle for Desktop.

EDIT 10/18/2014     The excerpt for my NaNoWriMo novel, Tiger, which is a badly-disguised Tiger and Bunny fanfic, if that helps.

EDIT 10/09/2014     For anyone who might be curious, here is a sampling of my original artwork.

EDIT 10/04/2014      Kadaj Grows Up is up, links are good.

EDIT: 09/21/2014     SINS is up.

I have a sample of a Tiger and Bunny inspired comic here.

EDIT: 09/09/2014     Understanding, Kaboom, Topped, and A Ring are up.

EDIT: 09/08/20104     All Harry Potter stories are linked and up.

EDIT: 09/06/2014     Cold As Stone in Harry Potter is up.

The rest of the stories are in progress of editing and uploading.

And I don’t know if you’re interested, but I have Tiger and Bunny on here, now.

Of course there’s porn. Do you even have to ask?

EDIT: 09/03/2014     Puss links are good.

EDIT: 06/30/2014     Reno is God links are good.

EDIT: 06/26/2014     Midgar the Soap – Season Two links are now fixed 😀

Dog Will Hunt links are now fixed!

EDIT: 04/04/2014      Any SnK/AoT fans out there? No Light

EDIT: 10/23/013       Midgar the Soap – Season One links are now fixed, heading to Season Two

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