It was just that she liked to think about it.

That was the reason that she worked in that seedy strip joint where the one-way mirror had started to become a plain piece of glass on some of the booths
and the management was too lazy or cheap to replace it.

She didn’t need the money, she didn’t need the pathetic men who sometimes followed her home in misplaced attempts to woo her.

There was just something about it that lured her in so that she would go home, barring them all outside, leaving her alone in the darkness to dream about
it and work off the heat that had built with her imagination. Continue reading


Tiger – A Meeting Twelve Years Delayed

This is an excerpt from twelve years after Kusagra saved a little human boy from dying in the Arena. STUFF has happened that will be in the book, but I thought it might be nice to show their eventual reunion. Continue reading

Tiger – You’ll Recognize This Little Green-eyed Boy

This is an excerpt from later on in the book. I might go ahead and publish it when I finish, I don’t know. It depends on the interest it gets. Since I’m writing things for me right now, it’s enough that I have it to enjoy for myself, but I always have loved to share my creations 🙂 You’ll probably recognize the little boy as well as Jurij 😉

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Dee – Eve Grace has been raised since infancy by a man she’s always called “Dee”. As she grows up she realizes that Dee isn’t her father, that he isn’t all that he seems, and that he might not even be human. Then she finds out the details of how and why she exists, and has to face the bitter truth that she might not be as human as she seems, either.
Dee – Strange Days

The Wolves

This is my novel from NaNoWriMo 2013. The Wolves follows the strange quest of Ed, Zach, and their leader through a place called the Empire. Ed wants to leave, Zach wants to stay, and all their leader wants to do is find the Bronze Woman and figure out why the three of the were snatched from their own world and into this one.

The Wolves