Dog Will Hunt

Warnings: This is a very dark fiction, so please don’t read this if you have a problem with emotional intensity, use of the word “cunt” or any general sort of squickishness. THIS STORY WON THE 2009 GENESIS AWARD FOR BEST SLASH ROMANCE!!!

Title: Dog Will Hunt
Rating: Mature (for adults only, so if you aren’t one, I take no responsibility for any scarring you may receive!)
Description: Rufus ShinRa finds himself oddly drawn to his Turk, Reno. This is a dark fic that explores several issues for both men and isn’t at all a pretty, happy story–but it ends well, I can promise that, and there’ s loads of good smut!
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of the Square Enix characters which appear in my story, nor do I make money off of my writing. I do it for the love, people! For the love!

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