Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 27

Here is the mid-week update to make up for the short Sunday post. I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you to those of you who still comment, it makes me feel better knowing people are actually reading this and still enjoying it! *snuggles you all*

Season Two: Episode 27

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 26

It’s an early update due to mitigating factors: my sister had some surgery (of the elective kind) and I’m helping her out as much as I can when her amazing oldest daughter needs a break, and tomorrow is one of those days 😀 On another note…


I couldn’t have done it without  , who nominated it, or without all you amazingly patient people who keep this thing afloat! I love you guys, I just got to tell you! And thank you,  , for being such a great friend!

That said, we got some wedding-night sexiness and some general plot-advancing. Sorry for the shortness, I had to push this out fast, but I plan on a mid-week update this week. I got a lot of catching up to do before the finale, and it’ll be here before I know it. Two years!!! *faints*

Season Two: Episode 26

A Hard Time: Looking Forward (1)

If you’re new to the series and you want to start at the beginning, go here; for once I’m actually organized 😀

Authors: Cloud is played by  Zildk, Reno and Rude are played by Jaded Grin
Characters: Reno/Cloud/Rude sandwich in that order
R – you have been warned!
Light D/s, man sex, etc. This is purely (almost) porn, people!
Summary: Cloud has moved in with the two Turks and is slowly beginning to adjust to his new life. With Tifa upset with him and everything up in the air, the only thing he can do is look ahead to what may come.

AHT: Looking Forward Part 1

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 23

Got the Mouse Mansion done at last! Kojack and Concernicus are now living large, and I found out that Concernicus is actually a little boy, so I could’ve kept him with Kojack this whole time and not had to involve other mice, but oh well. My two new additions are Smoots and Hershey, and so far everyone is thrilled with the new digs! I know it doesn’t matter to some, but it’s all I have by way of explanation as to why I’m so friggin’ late with the soap.

This week we gots a wedding, and some Cloudy-pants. To  – thank you for your amazing suggestions! I already had the wedding stuff written so I didn’t go back and change it, but you really have some amazing ideas!!!!

Okay, for those of you still reading this, here we go!

Season Two: Episode 23