Reno Is God (28)

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Tiger – You’ll Recognize This Little Green-eyed Boy

This is an excerpt from later on in the book. I might go ahead and publish it when I finish, I don’t know. It depends on the interest it gets. Since I’m writing things for me right now, it’s enough that I have it to enjoy for myself, but I always have loved to share my creations 🙂 You’ll probably recognize the little boy as well as Jurij 😉

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What I Want (40)

God FINALLY! Prepare yourself emotionally, it’s fucking long – but at least we’re through Jake, eh?

BTW: Please feel free to link back to this blog or suggest my work if you like it! I do not advertise this place anywhere but on my profile (which is soon to be taken down), so I need all the help I can get. If you hear someone asking about a good story in (fill in the blank of what I got here), then please send them my way, ok? THANKS!