Reno Is God (18)

Well, since is looking a little sketchy for me (I can’t log in or post reviews, update, etc.) I’m going to get off of my lazy ass and start slapping shit up here on LJ. I apologize for your clogged F-list!

This was an amusing little piece of fun that I couldn’t resist writing–I may even add to it as needed, it certainly won’t leave me alone, and the world is far too short of threesomes anyways.
Title: Reno Is God
Rating: M (Now it’s just an excuse for smuttiness)
Description: Freshly returned from the Lifestream, Kadaj enjoys a sucker compliments of Tifa and informs Cloud that he has found God
Disclaimer: I don’t own shite, if you want to sue me, sue for my SIMS games–they’re the only things I have that are worth anything.

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Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 16

Great, now I got TWO epic projects going…well, THREE if you count Eromenos (which I don’t because I don’t want to think about it right now). Why do I do this to myself? I solemnly swear not to let my Silent Hill/FFVII “game” interfere with my SOAP…Solemnly. Yeah. Oh, hell, I’ll probably fuck something up anyway, so here you are.

Episode 16

Disturbing but Intriguing

This is from Silent Hill 2–my all time favorite Silent Hill game. I am a huge fan of Pyramid Head even though we caught him doing many bad, dastardly things in the game (there were several times when I was like: WTF?! Did he just do what I think he did? HOLY CRAP!) BUT, I digress. Found this video on youtube and I think it’s very artistic as well as shockingly disturbing but equally interesting. Not for the sensitive or faint of heart, and direct from Silent Hill Lost Memories DVD import: Fukuro

Puss (8)

Title: Puss
Rating: Mature: Because there is smut!
Description: Reno adopts a small, sassy cat and winds up with something else altogether.
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of the Square Enix characters which appear in my story, nor do I make money off of my writing. I do it for the love, people! For the love!

Puss 8

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 14

Okay, well things are progressing nicely. I wanted this chapter to be way longer but once again I am stymied by LJ’s length restriction. Maybe if I didn’t post it behind a cut? But, I wouldn’t do that to you guys 😀 Enjoy!

Season One: Episode 14