Harry Potter

Cold As Stone Series

These stories are intended to be read as a series. If you are looking for my Draco x Hermione, you’re in the right place. The first story deals with Lucius and Narcissa, but it is important to read it if you want to actually know what’s going on with Draco in the subsequent stories. If you’d rather just jump right into the smut, go for it ūüėÄ As long as you enjoy, I’m happy!

1.  Cold As Stone

1. Cold As Stone 2. The Blood Vine 3. The Boy
4. Promises 5. The Dire Warning 6. Revelations
7. Blessing and a Curse 8. Negotiation 9. Cold As Stone?

2.  Beg

1. Just Ask 2. Growing Power 3. Take It All 4. One Kiss
5. Scream 6. Spread 7. Power 8. Beg

3.  Play My Game

1. Confrontation 2. Are You Having Fun, Yet? 3. Coming For You 4. Tell Me
5.¬†If You Can’t Take The Heat 6.¬†Stalemate 7.¬†Perish the Thought 8.¬†Guarantee

4.  Bound

1. No Way Out 2. Punishment 3. Self Destruct
4. Whipping 5. Broken 6. End Game