Reno Is God (35)

Chapter 35: The War On Grump

Kadaj heard Cloud get up and start moving about upstairs, and he quickly ducked behind the couch. He had a pot on his head for a helmet (because he figured Cloud might start throwing things) and his sharp green eyes on the stairway. As the stairs creaked under Cloud’s weight, Kadaj fairly wiggled with excitement, because The War on Grump was officially underway.

He’d been up most of the night scribbling a long list of things he could do to Cloud, interspersed with notes about clothes he wanted to buy and bored doodles of himself at the mall. Once he was sure Cloud was in bed, he’d sneaked downstairs to begin his one-man war with his secret weapon – Super Helpful.

Because if anything drove Yazoo nuts in their home, it was when Kadaj tried to help. Continue reading

Curiosity (2)


His hands shook when he reached out.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but the first thing he felt was warm, bare skin, completely smooth, soft as silk. He brought his other hand to the one that rested on warm flesh, hesitating when the body before him shifted, making the sling creak. They hadn’t been able to hear him approach, hadn’t been able to see him—touching the person had startled them, but they settled almost immediately. Continue reading

Curiosity (1)

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Warnings: I’m putting this up here to escape the file-muncher! There will be more, but it might not be soon.

Title: Curiosity
Rating: Mature (For now, there’s gonna be smut soon)
Description: Rude is curious and finds a way to satisfy it without anyone getting hurt. This is for Rude, who is on the little-love end with Loz…don’t worry, pal, I’ll get to you!
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of the Square Enix characters which appear in my story, nor do I make money off of my writing. I do it for the love, people! For the love!


He was curious.

That was why he’d come to the House of M, because it was a place where curiosity was welcomed, embraced, and satisfied.

Rude was not a person to be curious about many things—he lived in a physical world where things obeyed the rules and outlandish things were demolished by either himself or his demonic red-head of a partner. Things were normal, things were dealt with, paychecks were delivered and life was lived.

Unfortunately, he was curious. Continue reading

Reno Is God (33)

Chapter 33: Smooshy Hugs and Grumpy Pants

With over a week of Winter Solstice break upon him, a brother in the hospital, and a repentant God rushing him, Kadaj grouchily flounced into Seventh Heaven with large and silent Rude at his back.

“Hey, Kadaj! Reno just called,” Tifa said, coming down the stairs to greet him. “Hello, Rude, how are you?”

The big man inclined his head slightly, which seemed to satisfy Tifa since she yanked Kadaj into a huge, smooshy hug against her formidable chest, a wide smile on her round face.

“You seem a little angry,” she said, letting him go. “Reno mentioned you wanted to stay home alone.”

“I do!” Kadaj cried, and pushed his hair back over one ear, quickly assuring her, “It isn’t you, Tifa, I love to visit with you! It’s just that I’m a grown up now but Reno won’t let me stay alone!”

Rude made a soft noise behind him and Kadaj spun, glaring suspiciously when he found the man as blank-faced as ever.

“Don’t let him catch you laughing!” Tifa said, amusement burbling in her voice. She draped her arm over Kadaj’s shoulders and pulled him towards the empty barstools. “It’ll be okay, Kadaj. Reno really loves you, he wouldn’t want anything terrible to happen to you, and that’s why he wants you to stay with someone and not be alone. Wouldn’t it be terrible to stay all by yourself in that big apartment?”

Kadaj’s brows drew together and he softly said, “I hadn’t thought of that.” Continue reading

Reno Is God (32)

Chapter 32: Not A Democracy

For the longest time Kadaj just sat there, staring down at the coat in his lap with miserable sadness. Rude eventually sat next to him and ruffled his hair before he tucked Kadaj against his side and cuddled him. He felt silly for being held like a little kid, but he was scared and he really needed it, even if he couldn’t look up and tell Rude so. He was afraid that something terrible had happened to Yazoo, and with Reno gone for so long, he was almost sure of it.

Finally, Rude got up and spoke in low tones with the nurse behind the desk, nodding his head in Kadaj’s direction.

“Hey, kid!” she called to him, giving him a sympathetic look. She was kind to him, seeing that he was just a boy, and terrified at that. “Go back to exam room two.”

“Thank you!” Kadaj breathed, and hurried back the way she’d indicated, giving Rude a wide, relieved smile.

He padded through the curtained-off rooms, anxiously looking for Exam Room Two, and spied a familiar pair of boots behind one of the curtains. He poked his head inside and felt frightened tears rise again when he saw god looking so sad… and no trace of his brother in sight.

Reno was slumped tiredly in a chair next to an empty space where a bed had been, his head back against the wall and an expression of pained weariness on his face. When Kadaj neared he reached out and pulled him onto his lap, holding him close as much to draw comfort as to give it. Continue reading

Reno Is God (31)

Chapter 31: Panty Problems and Angry Rude

As winter closed in on them Kadaj found himself with less and less opportunity to go visit his Tifa, and thus the threat of Cloud’s interference burned down to a low glow. The harsh, unpleasant weather made bike rides impossible, and school let out for two weeks for the Solstice holiday, which meant lots of presents for some unknown reason.

Deprived of his friends and the social contact of school, Kadaj found himself with too much time and too little to distract him except for pestering his two older lovers with dedicated stubbornness and demanding an early Solstice present on a daily basis.

But ever since that bewildering talk in the kitchen with Yazoo, things were really weird around Reno’s home. Yazoo – so euphoric after the wonderful dinner party had gotten worked out – seemed to dwindle down into monosyllables and, often, tears.

Kadaj was beginning to move past thinking it tiresome and on to thinking it alarming, because he loved Yazoo more than anything but himself, and he hated to see his pretty brother so unhappy. Not even the promise of Solstice and presents could erase the nagging worry he felt whenever he saw Yazoo staring out of the window like he wished he was anywhere but where he was right now. Continue reading

Reno Is God (30)

Chapter 30: Not Like You

With the awful tedium of being grounded for a whole two days behind him, Kadaj bounced back into his life as a very busy and very important person, which was something that he took great relish in reminding both Reno and Yazoo of when they would find some reason to laugh at him.

But one day at school he was exposed to something that he’d never heard of before, and he hadn’t wanted to seem stupid in front of his friends so he hadn’t asked about it. Instead, he’d brought his invitation home to Yazoo and the two of them had looked at it in consternation.

“You should ask Reno,” Yazoo suggested, at a loss. “I’m sorry, I have no idea…”

“She seemed really excited,” Kadaj said, bewildered. “It must be a good thing. I mean, it is a party and parties are fun, I just… I wonder why it has such a weird name.”

Yazoo shrugged a little and said, “He’s not really busy, he won’t mind you asking.”

The unusual bitterness in Yazoo’s voice made Kadaj cock his head, but his pretty brother had already turned away with a heavy sigh.

“Okay, then,” he said, and crept into the bedroom where Reno was at his little-used desk, cigarette in hand and a frown on his lean face. He was Taking Care of the Bills—something that Yazoo offered to do but that Reno, as the man of the house, felt was his own sole responsibility.

He hated to bother him, but since his question had already gotten nothing but a blank look from his elder brother, that only left god.

“Reno?” he whispered, and repeated himself in a stage-whisper to be heard over the man’s obvious concentration.

Reno glanced up to see Kadaj hanging in the doorway, his pretty little face frowning and questions in his big jade eyes.

“S’up, baby?” he asked, pushing away from the desk and stubbing out his smoke. He patted his thigh in invitation and Kadaj wriggled to sit in his lap, still frowning, his head cocked a little to one side. “Something bugging you, Princess?”

“No—Yes, maybe?” Kadaj offered, suddenly feeling silly to ask what seemed so obvious to other people. “Reno? What’s a birthday?”

Reno blew out his breath in a heavy sigh, brows drawing down in thought.

“Yeah. Guess that one kinda got past you three, huh?”

“Did it?” Kadaj asked, not sure what he meant. “Is it a holiday, like All Souls and Stupid Pumpkins Day? I got invited to a celebration for it…”

“Kinda,” Reno conceded, rubbing Kadaj’s slender back and giving him a soft smile. “You know what being born is?” Continue reading