Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 12

Since yesterday was a holiday, I couldn’t get anything done – the family was home and I find it hard to write when anyone is around, so I’m sorry for the day lateness! After this episode things aren’t going to run very day-after-day for the Soap, I want to move things along and keep the ball rolling, so I’m going to adopt the same method that regular soaps do and use fluid time. Just go with it, my love – it’ll make the story a lot easier to keep running 😀
And because I was graciously granted permission, here is a thumbnail of the beautiful picture that  made for the Soap! As always, click for larger picture!

Season Two: Episode 12

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 11

Well, I’ve seen better days, but here we are! And in fantastic and super awesome news, new and stunning artwork by the amazing  , a beautiful piece by dear  , and some fantastic photoshop work by our own hilarious and much-loved  ! Thank you, one and all, I am delighted by them! As always, click thumbnail for larger picture, and since I didn’t ask permission of  I will post the link to her piece here! Please, please, please go see it and leave a comment if you would! It’s outstanding and I’m very impressed!

So here is Sister Yazoo, lol! Isn’t that a great one?! I asked for it and you provided! Hehe! It’s amazing! Thanks, Nat!

And here is the beautiful Underplate Priests. You have to see the full picture to get the impact of it, it is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much again, Bela!

Season Two: Episode 11

A Hard Time: A New Life (4)

If you’re new to the series and you want to start at the beginning, go here; for once I’m actually organized 😀

Authors: Cloud is played by  , Reno and Rude are played by
Characters: Reno/Cloud/Rude sandwich in that order
R – you have been warned!
Light D/s, man sex, etc. This is purely (almost) porn, people!
Summary: Cloud spends the night with the Turks and has to go back to deal with reality. But what happens in the aftermath?

A Hard Time Part 4