Original (Badly-Disguised Fan) Fiction

Here’s the other stuff no one wants to mess with – my original work. My characters are usually some form of existing character, because I’m a person who gains inspiration from the things around me. So, yeah. Excerpts and all.


 No Light (Otherwise known as Not Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan)-WARNINGS: Rape, some torture, lots of angst, etc.

Ever since Erwin pulled Aaron off of a bridge and foiled his suicide, Aaron has lived to pay back the man he’s fallen in love with. Unfortunately, Erwin has a serious enemy in Nails, who stops at nothing to get back at Erwin.


Tiger (Otherwise known as not Tiger and Bunny)-WARNINGS: None for this excerpt.

In this sequel to “Sibyl” we meet the latest Tiger Alpha in a direct line of descent from the Tigris Thorn. In a world still adjusting to the mingling of Kind and humans, the loss of the Goddess Sibyl has led to an unwholesome and destructive sport for Her human children – combat. Lacking the organization and disposition of the humans the Kind now share their world with, their people are hunted and forced into death matches for human entertainment. Having been forced from his Tiger Clan years before after losing his mate and daughter, Kusagra is caught on the fringes of Clan territory and sold to Vakhrov Bestiary. Forced to fight under the name of Tiger, Kusagra faces every match as if he might die, until he feels that he might be dead after all. But when someone accidentally falls into the arena and is saved by the Tiger, Kusagra finds the link he needs to live again and, perhaps, wake the Goddess to set things right once more.

Here is the part that introduces a familiar green-eyed boy.

Here is the pair of them meeting again after twelve long years.

Less – points to whoever can guess the inspiration for Less and Morty. WARNINGS: Dirty talk, extraneous use of the word “cock”, and big penises put to good use in nice asses. Have fun.

A biological contaminant released through terrorist actions has transformed the majority of the human race into mindless, wandering animals otherwise known as Dumb Ones. At the opposite end of the spectrum, it changed other humans into dangerous, violent pack animals called Hunters. In the middle are the last of the survivors, among them a sly-eyed man named Less, and Morty, the man he saved from a Hunter nest. As they search for something Less is intent on finding, Morty finds himself wondering if the sickness has actually infected all of them, and what life has in store for a man capable of loving a violent creature named Less.

Strange Days  Twins Belladonna Maria and Bane have a secret – their homelife isn’t everything it’s cracked up to  be. In fact, it’s really fucking weird. Not only does their tiny house boast only one bedroom, one bathroom, and a handful of electrical outlets, their dreamy, oddball parents live in the basement catacombs beneath them. It wouldn’t be so bad, really, since their parents only emerge every full moon, but then their mother is ready to give birth to yet another set of twins, and their long-separated brother, Baldur, returns to settle a score with their father. With only each other in the world to trust and hold on to, Belladonna clings to her twin and discovers that even a man with half of her soul inside of him can still break her heart. WARNINGS: None for this excerpt, but twincest, weirdo family relations, tangled family trees, etc. Sometimes I’m really fucked up, lol.

Dee  Atreides Grace is the son of Belladonna and her lover, Osvaldo. A scientist who has decided to use his gifts to help ease humankind, Atreides has had only one love in his entire life – the child he created, Eve. This story is told from Eve’s point of view, following her slow untangling of Atreides life, of the terrible wager he made with another immortal, and how all of those events conspired to create herself.

The Wolves  This is my novel from NaNoWriMo 2013. The Wolves follows the strange quest of Ed, Zach, and their leader through a place called the Empire. Ed wants to leave, Zach wants to stay, and all their leader wants to do is find the Bronze Woman and figure out why the three of the were snatched from their own world and into this one.