What I Want (60)

Sorry it’s so short, but some breaks in storytelling just have to be there. I’m still plugging away at it, for those of you still reading! Thank you for sticking with me!

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What I Want (58)

Yeah, it’s harder than I thought it might be, getting back into the swing of things. I think my meds are messing with my mojo, too. Anyway, I wanted to get this out there before everyone (including me) forgot about it.


What I Want (55)

So, it’s taking me some time to get back into the groove of things. Losing my grandmother wasn’t something I was really prepared for, even though most people my age don’t have their grandparents, still. Thank you to everyone who has dropped me emails and notes of support and encouragement, I really do appreciate it. Forgive me if this chapter feels strange; like I said, it’s slow going getting back into things.


What I Want (54)

So, my grandmother didn’t recover. Things have been pretty difficult since she passed and I haven’t felt much like writing. Hopefully, I’ll get my drive back as time passes. Until then, here’s what I got. I’ll double check grammar and such later on. Sorry.