Part of The Beginning of the End Story Arc

Title: Understanding
Rating: M for yaoi and incest
Description: Yazoo discovers what his brother, Loz, has been talking about, and he deals with Kadaj’s jealousy
Disclaimer: I don’t own shite, if you want to sue me, sue for my SIMS games–they’re the only things I have that are worth anything

This may be disturbing for some–if you don’t like violence and if incest tweaks you, move along, please.

        They’d come so far, traveled so long to find this place the baby insisted was where Mother was.

        Yazoo lounged on the seat of his motorcycle, giving the dirty, squalid town nothing more than a low, “Hmph,” of disgust.

        Kadaj, his eyes glowing with triumph, didn’t even deign to look at him.

        “We’ll find her here, I know it!” he fiercely said, leaning forward eagerly. It was the most animated the baby had been in weeks, and even Yazoo—who made an effort to shut out the other children of Sephiroth—could sense the presence of the Mother’s cells dancing through his nerves.

        “Can we stay awhile, koishii?” Loz questioned, his roving green eyes seeing some redeeming quality to the town that Yazoo simply could not. “Your big brother wants someone to play with…”

        Yazoo gave him a sharp look, frowning. Loz had recently experienced something that Kadaj was as yet unaware of—and Mother help them when the little tyrant found out that Loz was sharing his affection. Sex was not a concept any of them had much of a handle on, but Loz had gone and gotten himself into it up to his eyeballs, and luckily for him Kadaj had been too distracted by the hunt to notice the alarming rush of sensation his older brother had been dumping into their connection. Yazoo had tuned it out, vaguely disturbed by his brother’s discovery and sensing instinctively that to expose Kadaj to it would be catastrophic. Still, it made him more than a little curious.

        “We can stay until Mother wants us to go,” Kadaj announced, missing the byplay between his older brothers. “I want to see if those fucking Turks are lurking around—we find them and we have a way to get to Shinra.”

        “And Mother?” Loz questioned, hope lighting his blank, beautiful features.

        Kadaj smiled, the coldness of it out of place on his delicate, innocent face.

        “Sh, Loz.” Yazoo sighed, ready to call it a day.

        “I’m going to take a look around,” the baby announced, kicking his bike forward. “Find us a place to stay, Yazoo. Loz, find me some information.”

        They watched him streak away to the town, dust billowing up in his wake.

        “Little tyrant,” Loz rumbled, watching his slender brother’s form meld into the distance with no little affection. His jade eyes cut to his other brother and he said, “Hey, Yazoo—do you think I should tell him?”

        Yazoo smirked and shook his head, letting his motorcycle idle forward.

        “Kadaj would not take it well,” he murmured. “You’d be defecting.”

        “Argh, what’s the big deal?” Loz grumbled, matching his speed as they made their way to the town. “They’re amusing little creatures, girls are.”

        “Keep him happy, Loz,” Yazoo reminded. “He couldn’t bear it if we didn’t love him…”

        Loz looked shocked beyond all measure, and snuffled a little, brought to tears by the idea that Yazoo could think such things of him.

        “Girls are one thing,” he said, his voice thick with tears. “But koishii—he’s the baby! How could we ever not love him?”

        Yazoo sighed, watching the dark, ugly town draw closer. It would be night soon, and Kadaj was always wilder when the sun went down. He’d best find a place to camp, and soon.

        Loz peeled off to do his own business, leaving Yazoo to scour the surrounding area. He found a place near an unhealthy-looking spring that was sheltered by large blasts of rock. He dumped their few supplies under a convenient overhang and decided to go search for his brothers in town.

        He parked his bike in a likely place and prowled the streets, feeling restless. He could sense Kadaj out somewhere unsafe for a boy so young, but safe enough for one such as Kadaj, he supposed. Loz was hunting information but would probably end up drinking at the bars he inquired in, already running down likely prey to spend his libido on. Yazoo, the coldest of them, the most removed from emotion, did not understand his brother’s interest in the fairer sex, having no experience with it.

        The streets were dirty and lively, people everywhere shouting and singing and laughing. It amused Yazoo to see how very much like busy ants they were, these animals. There were eyes that followed him, drinking in his every move—but that had happened more and more on their journey, especially to Kadaj. It seemed the older they got the more these people wanted to stare at them, so Yazoo made sure that none of them went anywhere unarmed. He couldn’t quite fathom the nature of their interest, only that it made him as nervous as the excessive, unsettling attention their Handlers had paid to Kadaj at times—when hands lingered too long in places they shouldn’t until he or Loz made them stop. Made them stop forever…

        “Are you new in town?”

        Yazoo glanced over his shoulder to see someone addressing him, her green eyes bright and wide with innocence. She was standing at a stall selling beer that obviously came from the bar behind her.

        “Why do you ask?” Yazoo demanded, suspicious. He swung around to face her, left hand absently falling to rest on the handle of the Velvet Nightmare. He searched her face but she only blushed, giggling in a rather annoying way.

        “I just wanted to stop you for a moment,” she said, pleased with her own daring. “You seem interesting.”

        “Hmph,” Yazoo allowed, wondering where Kadaj was. “You haven’t by any chance seen a young boy come through here? He’s my brother, we look quite alike but his hair isn’t as long.”

        She shook her head, fascinated with him. It was quickly becoming annoying. Yazoo scowled at her but she didn’t notice, only dimpled up at him.

        “You’re certainly a handsome one,” she said, laughing lightly. She reached out and touched his hair, gently running the strands through her fingers. She blushed when he stiffened, drawing her hand back. “I just wanted to see if it was as soft as it looked.”

        Her flushed cheeks and youth made him relax, reminding him of his youngest brother at his most docile.

        “Is it?” he asked, sweeping his hair over one shoulder and feeling it experimentally. He hadn’t Sephiroth’s vanity—that was the baby—but he did take care of himself, though he didn’t really pay much attention to his hair so long as it was clean.

        “Yes,” she said, laughing breathlessly. She ducked her head shyly arms crossing over her belly in a way that pushed her breasts up and out, straining against the light fabric of her blouse. “Are you…are you a priest?”

        He cocked his head, not understanding.

        She cleared her throat and gestured at his clothing, saying, “It’s so severe for one so young…you look like a priest. I…I don’t want to offend you with an offer.”

        “I suppose you could say I’m in service to a God,” Yazoo answered, not sure that he understood her correctly. He glanced down at the leather outfit that the Cenobites had fashioned for him. All three brothers wore clothing that mostly covered them from chin to toes—for all of the years spent in the labs at the mercy of the Handlers, kept naked to prevent any hiding of weapons, Yazoo and his brothers had developed a distinct dislike of being exposed. Loz might show off his muscles, and Kadaj his grace, but they kept themselves armored behind the hand-tooled leather. “I like my clothing.”

        “So do I,” she hastily said, nodding. “It suits you…so beautiful…”

        He liked the way she trembled and the way she smelled—something sweet and spicy, so different from the sterile, antiseptic stench of the labs.

        “Beautiful,” he murmured, reflecting on the word. He wasn’t too familiar with things that were beautiful—to him very little on this planet was. A tree blasted by lightening, the sky clouded over with the fury of a storm, his brothers. “What offer?”

        She blushed deeper but her eyes were sly when she looked at him from beneath her lush lashes.

        “Well…” she slowly said, smiling. “It isn’t every day a woman meets a man as beautiful as you…”
        He said nothing, growing rather bored with her words that made no sense to him.

        “Would you come to my room? It’s just upstairs,” she whispered, reaching out to claim his hand.

        He hesitated but she pressed his hand to the softness of her chest and that paused him, sudden curiosity chasing away his automatic habit of avoiding things that may change him.

        She gazed at him, questions and a sudden softening in her eyes.

        “Don’t tell me you’ve never…”

        Her brows rose and he cocked his head, rather exasperated to understand these creatures so very little.

        The woman smiled gently and tugged him after her when she moved away, saying, “I’ll show you.”



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