Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 13

Well, here we are! Episode 13 already–it doesn’t seem like I’ve been doing this for 13 weeks already, but I guess so! Expect to see shameless promotion on some of the communities because I’m secure enough with this now to share with others. Hopefully it doesn’t get yanked as spam. Anyway, this week we got some slight confrontation, a little forward momentum, some more scary Tseng, and general tension. Enjoy!

Episode 13

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 12

Well, it’s a little late, but here it is. For some reason, I’m having trouble advancing the plot. I know where it’s going, I just can’t seem to get it there! Anyway, without further ado, here’s Part 12!

Season One: Episode 12

Be Right Back

I’ve watched entirely too much Coupling and this is based off of one of the episodes. I won’t go into further detail since it doesn’t matter, but I thought of this yesterday and it just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or anything, and I certainly don’t make any money off of this!

Be Right Back

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 11

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week’s episode was a little slow, but this week we get two new characters! I hope you all enjoy, and does anybody think this would go over well with the masses? I was thinking of putting it up on one of the communities, but I’m just not sure. Anyway, here we go!

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Reno Is God (17)

This was an amusing little piece of fun that I couldn’t resist writing–I may even add to it as needed, it certainly won’t leave me alone, and the world is far too short of threesomes anyways.
Title: Reno Is God
Rating: M (Now it’s just an excuse for smuttiness)
Description: Freshly returned from the Lifestream, Kadaj enjoys a sucker compliments of Tifa and informs Cloud that he has found God
Disclaimer: I don’t own shite, if you want to sue me, sue for my SIMS games–they’re the only things I have that are worth anything.

This was meant to be amusing, take it as such!

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Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 10

Okay, I’m home safe and sound and while I’m not completely satisfied with this episode I’ll take it as a filler until next week and buy myself some time! I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who reads it and for all of your suggestions. At least this time…

Episode 10