It was just that she liked to think about it.

That was the reason that she worked in that seedy strip joint where the one-way mirror had started to become a plain piece of glass on some of the booths
and the management was too lazy or cheap to replace it.

She didn’t need the money, she didn’t need the pathetic men who sometimes followed her home in misplaced attempts to woo her.

There was just something about it that lured her in so that she would go home, barring them all outside, leaving her alone in the darkness to dream about
it and work off the heat that had built with her imagination. Continue reading


Free Book

One of my porn books is going to be free starting May 1, 2016 through May 5, 2016.

It’s this one:


A Bitter Taste (16)

A Bitter Taste

Will dreamed of Mathilda, guilty and ashamed. It had been over a century since he’d had a dream about someone he’d hunted, but…

‘You didn’t hunt Mathilda, Will…it was mere murder instead of artistry…The Ravenstag said, breath pulsing on Will’s shoulder when he spoke. It nuzzled his arm, its nose like velvet, warm and soft. Mathilda was wide-eyed and terrified before him, gaping in horror at what she saw behind his mask. Her plastic smile finally cracked at the edges, peeling away the youth she’d hoarded so desperately to reveal the aging, raw woman within. Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (15)

A Bitter Taste


Man sex, fisting, sex stuff. Skip this chapter if that’s not your jam.

“When did you first decide to eat someone?” Will asked, dipping his head to wet his chin in the hot water of Hannibal’s bath where he was soaking. A glass of wine sat untouched on the rim next to him, a second glass currently being someplace Will would rather be—namely, in Hannibal’s hand. Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (14)

A Bitter Taste

Warning: Murder incoming, FYI.

Hannibal drove him out of the city that night. There was a fire in his eyes that matched what Will had seen in his bed, though it stemmed from another place entirely. Hannibal’s passions, it seemed, presented the same to even Will’s discerning eye.

“Do you have something specific in mind, or are we just…going?” Will asked, lolling in the passenger seat of Hannibal’s ridiculously luxurious car.

“I always have something in mind,” he answered, angling an amused glance at Will. “Considering how Mathilda’s death affected you, it occurs to me that you aren’t utilizing your talent to the fullest, Will. When I asked you if it bothers you, you said no. Was that a lie?”

“No,” Will said, turning to look out at the passing scenery. They were reaching a less populated area, passing less return traffic. “It wasn’t a lie and, no, it doesn’t bother me, per se.”

“‘Every death since then is a weight around my neck’,” Hannibal echoed back at him, amused.

“They aren’t irreconcilable,” Will said, his fingers spreading on the warm leather seat, exploring the texture with his sensitive fingertips. “I carry their weight so it isn’t meaningless, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it all over again.”

“You deceive yourself,” Hannibal decided.

“I compartmentalize,” Will corrected him, smiling a little. “Time hasn’t taught me patience, Doctor Lecter, but it has taught me pragmatism.” Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (13)

A Bitter Taste

Hannibal left him to sleep it off and Will drifted in that in-between place where the waking world merged with sleep. The sound of the shower drifted to his ears like the pattering of rain the night he’d gone home again. Half asleep, Will found himself there once more, the scent of a cigar leading him through the shadows of his family home to find his father. It seemed important that he find him, important to tell him…something. An apology? A plea for forgiveness?

I left themWhy did I leave them?’

There was no stag there with him, no dangerous presence outside of his own. He wasn’t sure if he’d met the Ravenstag yet, the timeline of his life crossed itself, confusing him. Continue reading

Closer (11)


Whether Ikkaku liked it or not, Kido was Yumichika’s secret, guilty pleasure. Though he made a show of reluctance whenever Ikkaku was near – even when helping his frustrated, endearing friend with the basic techniques required for graduation – Yumichika was actually delighted by Kido and everything that it could enable him to do. Continue reading