Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 21

Well, I’ve driven over 800 miles and spent over 12 hours in a car coming back, but I am finally out of the military and back to being a civilian! I apologize that I haven’t been online much–I have no internet access myself and I don’t want to be intrusive where I’m staying, so sporadic it is until I can get something worked out! I hope you like this episode, I struggled quite a bit with it and wrote the bulk of it at about eight in the evening last night 😀 As always, feedback is much appreciated!

Episode 21

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 19

I apologize to you all for not being cognizant of my f-list! Today I start clearing Fort Hood and getting the fuck out of the Army, so I’m both majorly stoked and a little distracted right now–it’s nothing personal. You know I love you all! Oh, and I’ve been working my booty off to make my Soap in Sims 2, so I got some prototype models to show you all. I filched Yazoo’s from someone, can’t remember who, and I like him, but Reno needs some work!

Episode 19