Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 22


“Ronald,” Scarlet softly said, stunned. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she reached across the table and took his hand, wrapping her fingers firmly around his cool, plump flesh. “H-how long?”

He laughed, but it was mirthless and there was a sheen of tears in his faded blue eyes.

“I didn’t ask,” he said, his voice low. And still he wouldn’t meet her gaze, as if his sickness shamed him. “I didn’t really want to know. It could be weeks, it could be years, I only know that there’s no fixing it.”

“Oh, Ron,” Scarlet sighed, and smiled at him. “You moron, wanting to talk when you’re dying. Shame on you for waiting so long!”

He smiled a little again, and this time his eyes lifted, his round cheeks crinkling the corners into fine lines.

“Well, there’s no help for it,” Scarlet sighed, taking charge of the situation. “I guess I’ll have to swallow my pride.”

“What do you mean?” Ronald asked, and his thumb hesitantly brushed over the top of her hand.

“Why, I’m coming back to you, of course,” Scarlet told him, matter-of-fact. “You need some kind of care as things progress and I wouldn’t put it past that little hussy to stuff you into a wood-chipper somewhere. I’ll move back into my old suite immediately.”

She trailed off, her confident assurance hitching in a moment of uncertainty.

“I mean, if that’s alright with you,” she amended, and smiled.

“Scarlet,” he sighed, a bright tear welling over his plump cheek as he squeezed her hand. “You have made me a very happy man just now. I would be honored to have you come home.”

“Then it’s settled,” Scarlet said, a note of finality in her voice. She gave his hand another gentle squeeze and shook her head slightly, sighing in a whisper, “Oh, Ron, I’ve missed you.”

His hand trembled in hers but he managed to say, “I’ve missed you, too, Scarlet. More than you can ever know.” Continue reading

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 21


Reeve was a man plagued by many things, but he never thought he would ever be plagued by his carefully hidden love of Yuffie Kisagari.

In Wutai he’d been flattered by her love of his art—a passion they shared—and he’d slowly but surely developed a crush on the entrancing, if not just a bit clumsy, young lady. He’d assumed she was wealthy, and had heard it whispered that she was The White Rose of Wutai, but to this day he had no idea what that meant and it didn’t really matter.

Because in the world of humble, neurotic artists, well-bred young ladies did not get romantically involved with men of his ilk.

But then, well-bred young ladies also did not drink like a fish, pull impromptu strip-teases, or hang around with date-raping, drug-toting directors. And he didn’t give a flip how famous Genesis Rhapsodos was, in Reeve’s book he was categorized under The List of People to Henceforth Avoid.

He made it home to his hotel on his borrowed twenty and carefully set aside the remainder, intending to send it back to Mister Rhapsodos in the morning. Weary and still angry, he wet a washcloth with warm water and cleaned the ketchup elephants from the mirror, grumpily growling, “They’re not mammoths—anyone with sense could see that! Of course, anyone with sense wouldn’t be carrying around a tin of drugs!”

He stopped scrubbing and glared at himself, angrily reminding, “Anyone with sense wouldn’t take a pill offered to them by a total stranger!”

Disgusted, he tossed the soiled washcloth into the laundry bag and flopped down on his mussed up bed, feeling more hungover than anything. The terrible part was, he didn’t remember a thing about it, and that Yuffie had been a part of it only made things worse. He remembered how she’d smiled at Genesis, as if she’d already known what would happen.

Reeve had seen a lot more of Yuffie in the last few days than he had in the entire history of their friendship, and he wasn’t sure he was impressed. He’d dreamily imagined her as wholesome, innocent, playful, fun to be with and looking for someone to match her.

He really hadn’t counted on what she was in truth.

Reeve felt a sick churning in his stomach and realized he was truly disappointed by everything that had happened. Yuffie was not the young lady he’d thought she was. She gave every appearance of being a tramp with a drug and alcohol habit. He wasn’t sure he could love that side of Yuffie, wasn’t sure he even did love her. It had been infatuation since they met, dreams built around an ideal of what he’d wanted her to be, and the reality was so divorced from his imaginings he found himself rather adrift. After having secretly pined after her for so long, the truth rather disturbed him and left him floundering. Continue reading

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 20


By the time that Zack had escorted Mei Li to Reno’s suite he’d noticed something about her he couldn’t figure out. In fact, it utterly bewildered him and he kept thinking he must be wrong, that his observation skills were slipping or something because he was getting all the wrong cues.

“Thank you,” she said, her little-girl voice light with a soft giggle. “Would you keep an eye out while I unlock the door?”

“Yeah, sure,” Zack said, distracted by what he was puzzling out here.

She knelt gracefully, drawing a pin from her hair and inserting it into the lock with a look of utter concentration. A moment later she removed a second pin and fiddled before there was a soft click.

“There we are,” she sighed, smiling and tucking the pins neatly back into her elaborately coiled hair.

Zack held out his hand and she took it, allowing him to help her to her feet.

“You are a kind man,” she said, blinking those large, languid eyes at him, a smile curving her painted and full red mouth.

“Please don’t go in there,” Zack breathed. Whoever she really was, he didn’t want to see her hurt, and the idea of Reno with someone this delicate was just horrifying.

“I must,” she said, and didn’t sound worried or upset. “Come, you keep me company.”

Zack hesitated, unsure.

“He’s gone for the day, isn’t he?” she asked, urging him. “You come keep me company for a while, and we will talk. You are a kind man, I am interested in why that is so.”

She swung the door open onto Reno’s massive, opulent suite and stepped inside, looking over her shoulder at Zack.

He hesitated another moment, glancing around, and then followed her, closing the door softly behind him. Continue reading

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 19


“Hey? Weren’t you the girl who pulled a strip tease out on 5th street last weekend?”

Yuffie spun around, wobbling drunkenly, one hand on Reeve’s shoulder to steady her.

“Who wants to know?” she demanded, and Genesis kept dancing, ignoring the whole thing.

“Just saw you and thought you was pretty cute,” the man said, clearly not the brightest bulb.

Yuffie glowered at him and Reeve tugged on her shirt, saying over the music, “Just ignore him, Yuffie, please? Okay?”

She pulled away and stood toe to toe with the much larger man, her face set in a stubborn pout as she said, “Oh yeah? Who do you think you are, talking to someone like me? Huh? You some kind of hotshot? You some drop-dead gorgeous man?”

Reeve flushed, for some reason taking her drunken “must” list personally. Not that he’d ever hoped… Well, he’d hoped, but Yuffie had been studiously unresponsive. Maybe now he knew why. He was certainly no hotshot, and he was anything but drop-dead gorgeous, he was actually jus—

Yuffie suddenly stumbled back into him and Reeve caught her, aghast because that man had actually hit her!

Hit her!

“Now, that was just uncalled for!” Genesis cried, hands on hips. “Come here, dearest! Let’s leave this nasty place! The music is awful anyway.”

Yuffie bounced back and got in the man’s face, snarling, “That’s right, asshole! People like you can’t touch people like me unless it’s to hit them! So you just enjoy that, fuck nut! You can jerk off to it when you get home!”

She flounced around in a huff, her gait dangerously unsteady, completely unknowing that the man’s face pulled into a fierce scowl and he lunged for her.

Reeve didn’t really think about what he was getting himself into, he just leapt in the man’s path and swung his fist, gaping at it in stark shock when the man grunted and dropped to the ground, moaning. He’d never hit another person in his life! He couldn’t believe he’d done that!

“Hey! You can’t beat up on Edgar! Let’s get that fucker!”

Reeve quailed to see the entire left side of the bar get up, coming towards him with obvious menace.

“My hero!” Yuffie giggled, and slumped against Genesis, who hefted her bridal-style and said, “We’d best get out of here.”

Reeve swallowed hard and backed up a step, whispering, “That’s the best idea you’ve had all day long.” Continue reading

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 18



“Hey, look at you all part of the common herd,” Reno remarked, whistling at Yazoo just to see her blush.

“Should I change?” Yazoo stammered, and started towards his dressing room. “I’ll change—”

“Whoa, hold it,” Reno said, catching his wrist and halting him. “You look great, you’re dressed just fine, Cat-eyes. You ready for some fun today?”

Yazoo nodded, smiling at him. He couldn’t help but feel like it looked nervous, and he mentally scolded himself for being such a little girl instead of the mature woman he needed to be.

“Where’s the gorilla?” Reno asked, looking around Yazoo’s suite. He was dressed as he usually was for a comfortable day—his frayed at the bottom jeans, an untucked and sleeves-rolled-back dress shirt, and a pair of sunglasses holding back his spiky red hair. Yazoo noticed that he’d worn a tee shirt beneath his unbuttoned shirt, probably since it was still a bit cool outside.

“I told him I’d be safe with you,” Yazoo said to him, and wondered why he sounded so silly suddenly. And why Reno’s sparkling blue eyes seemed more piercing somehow, as if sensing his discomfort and the reason for it.

“You always have been,” the man said, cocking his head a little and smirking. “You okay? You look a little nervous.” Continue reading