Let’s Have A Baby

lets have a baby


The word escaped Margot without even a thought, a soft exhale of shocked surprise as she stared at Alana.

“They found him,” Alana said again, standing statue still, cautious, watchful, her cane planted firmly on the ground, roots of stability reaching deep that Margot desperately needed in the wake of this announcement.

All she could do was stare, her brain skipping so many directions.

“I think you should sit down,” Alana said, and Margot dropped where she was, managing to land on the gilded chair she’d just risen from. Continue reading


13 Overcoming

Overcoming Header 13 by slashyrogue

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For a disorienting moment, Hannibal saw two Wills—one in a gentleman’s proper gear, the other in a beautiful, expensive day gown with a parasol shielding her from the sun, her glossy dark curls piled atop her head and a smirk on her full mouth.

It was the smirk that startled him, rather more full of viciousness than Hannibal expected, and it immediately put him off. He stepped closer to Will without being aware of it, tensing in response to an unspoken threat.

“Mina,” Will breathed, every bit of love he’d ever felt for her welling to the surface. She looked so effortlessly beautiful, a petal blush on her creamy skin, her blue eyes sparkling with good health, her long lashes as curled and perfect as her dark hair.

“My sad little mirror,” she teased, reaching up with a gloved hand to cup his cheek as she always had. “We’re less alike now than we were.”

Her blue eyes flicked to Hannibal and she said, “Good afternoon, Lord Clarges.”

“Lady Rathmore,” Hannibal said, focusing on where her hand lay on Will’s cheek and how bespelled he seemed. “I’ve been anticipating meeting you for… what? Some six years, now?”

She cocked her head and laughed, a floating and contrived sound, but at least she dropped her hand.

“You must have Will in a panic with that infamous tongue of yours,” she said, smiling at them both.

“Sadly, he has not yet had the benefit of my tongue,” Hannibal said, pleased when Will blushed and Mina’s blue eyes widened just slightly in startlement. “Since I’ve returned there has been nothing but throwing of valuables, arguing, and an astonishing amount of violence.”

Mina looked pained, a thread of nervousness shading the furtive flick of her eyes from Hannibal to Will as if seeking proof of abuse on his pale skin.

With a smirk of pure relish, Hannibal added, “I have no idea how anyone survives him, frightening as he is.”

“Frightening as he is, Lord Clarges?” she asked, her voice small. Continue reading

12 Overcoming

Overcoming Header 12


The ride to Fernhill was longer by coach than by horseback, Will realized, watching the terrain roll past as the Duke spoke to Hannibal of Anthony’s prospective fiancee. As Will had been told of Anthony’s intended in confidence, he excluded himself from the conversation and neither man took notice of it, though Hannibal was unusually somber and preoccupied in his responses. It made Will wonder if something had gotten into his husband that he was so strangely not his routine, overbearing self. He’d certainly behaved oddly after crashing in on Will’s bath this afternoon, demanding he finish as if personally offended by the idea of Will conceding his place.

Very strange, indeed, considering his usual behavior. Continue reading

11 Overcoming

Overcoming Header 11


Quietly fuming, Will let himself out onto the street into the cool late morning air. He took a settling breath, then another, annoyed when he recalled the pitying, knowing looks directed at him when that woman had engaged his husband, as if he had any interest at all in whom Hannibal bedded.

But it was too much to be borne, no matter that he was expected to be complacent and mindless on the subject of Hannibal’s affairs. Entirely finished with such an extravagant waste of his time, Will decided to walk down to the livery to check on the state of his saddle, determined to head back to Hartford House. Continue reading

10 Overcoming

Overcoming Header 10


The Dimmonds did not stay for supper with the exception of Anthony, but Hannibal suffered through it all the same.

Mrs. Pimms, ready to either kill someone or drop into a dead faint from all the disruptions to her service, delivered them a delightful supper that the Duke made much over in order to keep the atmosphere light. Will, despite Anthony’s insistent chatter and determination to engage him, remained silent and thoughtful in his place across from Hannibal, only leveling the occasional, dangerous glare at his husband when Hannibal chanced to remark on Anthony’s persistent attention.

Hannibal was glad to see his cousin go back to Fernhill, damn him, and was oddly disappointed when Will excused himself from a nightcap in the White Drawing Room with himself and the Duke. Continue reading