My Drawings (2)

So, I made a darker version of my pic of Reno with Baby Christa so that it’s easier to see, and another that is a sketch for the Soap I’ve been working on. Just click on them for the larger picture, and click again for the zoom! Here they are:

Reno and Christa

Reno the Pimp

Some of My Artwork

Okay, since I’m doing shit else…Here is a sample of some of my artwork: And if you click ’em you can SEE ’em!

Reno and Rude Sketch (Don’t mind my notes to the left, I’m erratic!)

A little Reno Chibi

Distortion: Yes, they ARE supposed to look all stretched out, it’s a technique I like

And, finally, my favorite, but it’s so light you have to actually click it to see it, and I’m gonna redo it in Manga Studio so it’s visible–this is a realistic picture of Reno and Christa for a little project of mine "Photo Album" which is supposed to help me focus for a Dog Will Hunt Prequel:

Click it, it looks alot better up close 😀