Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 33

I know the time line is getting a bit hazy, but just flow with it. I suck at trying to do the whole “and then two hours later there was a car chase and a day after that this thing happened and then that night there was a vampire on fire” etc. I just write things as I see them happening, and if it doesn’t quite match up with the other stories happening…well…yeah, I got nothing. Note it for the rewrite 😀  Thanks again to everyone who is still encouraging me! I’m heading back to work next month so my time is going to be even more limited 😦  but I really love writing this soap!

Season Two: Episode 33

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 32

Thank you to everyone who is still reading the Soap and bolstering me with support! I really do appreciate it! I’ve been a terrible LJ friend lately and I’m so sorry, and here’s hoping that I can get back into my groove before another Real Life Meteor hits 😀

Season Two: Episode 32

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 31

Dear Everyone, I’ve missed a lot over the last few weeks! Bela’s birthday (I love you, baby! I hope you had a great one!), posts by everyone, story updates, all kinds of things! My sincerest apologies, life has been very demanding recently since I’ve started back to school. I had a great session and got to meet  in person, and she’s even more awesome for real than she is on LJ 😀 I’ll keep this short, but I owe you guys a lot and I’ll get to it come hail or high water! I don’t expect any comments – I actually expect that everyone has moved on by now, but I want to finish the Soap out with the vision I had of it, so I’ll keep going until it’s done. I love you guys!!!

Season Two: Episode 31