A Ring

Title: A Ring
Rating: G (For Now, there’s more to this story and I’m not quite sure where it fits into my "The Beginning of the End" Story Arc)
Description: Reno is gesturing an awful lot and Yazoo wonders why
Disclaimer: Seriously, if you don’t know what Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy Advent Children is by now, you’d better start asking somebody!

Reno seemed to be gesturing a lot, and Yazoo noticed that before he noticed the ring his lover was wearing.

“Reno, where did you get that ring?” he asked, catching his flailing hand to look at it.

Reno yanked his hand away and said with uncharacteristic peevishness, “It’s mine, yo—hands off!”

Shocked, Yazoo laughed at him and said, “I don’t want it, Reno, I just want to look at it.”

His fox-faced lover gave him a long, lingering, and suspicious glare before offering his clenched fist for Yazoo to see his ring.

“Oh,” Yazoo breathed, immediately impressed. “It’s beautiful”

The ring was some type of polished, silvery metal inset with minute chips of dark green jade and rich onyx. It fit Reno rather too snugly, he noticed, and he reached out to check the fit.

Reno snatched his hand back as if Yazoo were going to steal it, startling his lover into laughing at his antics, utterly taken aback.

Honestly!” he laughed, shaking his head. “Reno, I don’t want your ring!”

“You can’t have it,” Reno argued, as if Yazoo had said the opposite instead. He protectively covered the ring with his other hand, twisting it on his finger. “I told you—it’s mine!”

“Fine, it’s yours!” Yazoo laughed, throwing his hands up in exasperation. With a sigh and a smile, he headed for the kitchen to start dinner.

“You can’t have it!” Reno called again, petulant, following him into the kitchen.

“Fine by me,” Yazoo told him, trying to remember what he’d intended to fix for dinner. “It’s beautiful, Reno, really, but I have no intentions of taking it from you.”

“Fine!” Reno said, rolling his eyes and heaving a long-suffering sigh. He twisted the ring off of his finger with some difficulty and said, “You can try it—but you can’t keep it, yo!”

Yazoo smirked at him and turned to the refrigerator, saying, “I don’t want to try on your ring, fox-face.”

“Sheesh, you’re such a nag,” Reno muttered, and grabbed Yazoo’s hand before he could react. With a soft sound of exasperation and much put-upon patience, he slipped the ring onto Yazoo’s left hand ring finger.

It fit perfectly, just snug enough to stay, not tight enough to be stuck.

Yazoo gave him a playful shove with his free hand and started to take the ring off, saying, “Reno, I’m no thief, I won’t take your ring—”

“Alright, already, you can have it!” Reno huffed, and made a great show of digging in his pocket while Yazoo just stared at him in amazed amusement. He pulled out another ring—a twin to the one on Yazoo’s finger—and slipped it onto his own left hand, holding it up with a crow of mischievous delight. “I got a spare!”

Yazoo stared at him, exasperated and amused and utterly astounded.

“The look on your face is priceless, baby!” Reno laughed, and kissed his cheek before heading off to make more mischief.

Yazoo finally got ahold of himself and looked at his beautiful, perfect new ring, warming at the meaning behind it. With a soft smile he headed in the direction of Reno’s excited, animated voice, deciding that dinner could wait until he’d properly thanked his thoughtful, amazing, and confusing—but never boring—fox-faced lover for his beautiful gift.


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