Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 21

Building a cage for my mice and getting two domestic female mice to keep them company since Deer Mice can’t breed with domestics 😀 Exciting stuff, but I’m a crap carpenter! Still, we’ll see how it looks when I’m done, and maybe I’ll post pictures? This week, more of the same Soap stuff! Hope to pick up the plot next week, I’ve been working out the kinks! Happy Monday, everyone!

Season Two: Episode 21

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 20

Happy Birthday to  ! I hope you had a great one, boo boo! Sorry for the lateness, I went back through the entire soap to catch all of my loose ends and wound up taking massive notes *dies* but hopefully I’ve got everything that I missed 😀 You guys let me know if you catch something, okay? I get sidetracked, lol!

Season Two:Episode 20

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 19

Happy Monday, everyone! I released the three big mouse babies yesterday, I hope they do well! The Mouse Release House nearly cost me a finger, I’m so inept with a drill, but at least it will serve to keep them safe until they make their own nest somewhere! Concernicus and Kojack have been given respective tanks due to their incompatible genders. I’ll be getting Concernicus a fancy mouse friend in a few weeks, so she won’t have to be alone. Kojack seems to delight in his solitude, and spends his time playing Spidermouse and zipping along the ceiling of his tank. All is well, I’m exhausted from getting my enormous garden started (crab grass is such a b***h) and I’m going to wind up looking like Pop-Eye before it’s over with, but I do it for the veggies! We got some Genesis this week, I know I’ve been missing him. Tying up loose ends and then more Kadaj/Nunchaku, more Lazard, more Rufus, and more side-plots! Enjoy! And thanks again to everyone who supports the Soap!

Season Two: Episode 19