A Bitter Taste (09)

A Bitter Taste

So………….you guys are pretty quiet. Do I need to keep going or just keep it to myself? I can’t quite get a gauge on the interest level.

“…doesn’t look as swollen,” a woman said, her voice piercing a haze of darkness.

Will came out of his deep, dreamless sleep when he felt something brush his side, soft skin sliding over his hip where Hannibal had bitten him. He lay still, taking stock. He was enveloped in the downy softness of warm sheets and heavy comforter, wrapped in the warmth of two bodies, one of which was sitting up at his back, legs still entangled, and touching him cautiously.

It’s still there?’ He flinched at Alana’s touch, bewildered that the bite mark hadn’t vanished with the morning light. ‘Maybe it hasn’t been long enough?’ He’d never really kept track, just knew that his wounds always reknit themselves by dawn.

“Perhaps it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was?” Hannibal offered, his warm chest rumbling against Will’s limply curled hands when he spoke. One arm was wrapped high over Will’s side and his head was tucked beneath the man’s jaw, his curls moving with every word.

“You drew blood, Hannibal, don’t patronize me,” Alana said, teasing, but still a very real warning. She rubbed her hand over Will’s hip once more, softly so as not to pain him, and sighed a little, coiling back down against his back and around him to reach the man on his other side. “I saw you at dinner. What did you do to panic him?” Continue reading


A Bitter Taste (01)

A Bitter Taste

Hannibal Vampire AU featuring Will Graham as an (metaphorical) otter pup, so fluff bounce/Otter, sleek, distinguished.TM (on the Intensity of Dancy Photo Shoots Scale) vampire and Hannibal as his intended victim until shit goes seriously sideways. No warnings yet. THERE WILL BE PORN because I’m me.

It got so boring after awhile, living forever. He hadn’t bargained on that when he’d made the deal he’d made so long ago—save them all, take me instead.

Save them all,’ Will thought, seeing them in his mind’s eye, ghostly shadows of a life lived so long ago it was like an illusion. His weeping mother, his sister trembling in her nightgown, her eyes round and wide as a doe’s. “What else should I have done?” Continue reading

So, You Want To Create a Female Anti-Hero

Excellent, and I’m saving this to reread in the future because it’s important.

Dottie Smith's Verbal Menagerie

Um, yeah. I started this essay last September. I planned to publish it last year as a fun little thing but then life got seriously away from me.

I got depressed, had a slight breakdown, and had to rebuild my life from scratch. It was tough, and I’m still not at 100%. But I wanted to get this essay out there, because it is wonderful and hilarious and just a bit sad that it comes from my life before – now that I’m living life after depression. Well, almost but not quite. It’s a time capsule of me!

You’re a fresh new writer with a ton of ideas, and straight off the bat, you want to create a morally ambiguous, flawed yet sympathetic female protagonist. Why not, you say. There are literally thousands and thousands of male anti-heroes that are wildly popular, successful, and well-written; regular readers will know that…

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Disturbing but Intriguing

This is from Silent Hill 2–my all time favorite Silent Hill game. I am a huge fan of Pyramid Head even though we caught him doing many bad, dastardly things in the game (there were several times when I was like: WTF?! Did he just do what I think he did? HOLY CRAP!) BUT, I digress. Found this video on youtube and I think it’s very artistic as well as shockingly disturbing but equally interesting. Not for the sensitive or faint of heart, and direct from Silent Hill Lost Memories DVD import: Fukuro