Interlude: Part One

Here I bring you some Lozoo from a short RP between myself and

 ! It is basically plotless porn, but you won’t hear me complaining! 😀 Since we enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share with the rest of you! I hope you enjoy!

Players: Loz is played by

  and Yazoo is played by

Characters: Loz on Yazoo, and I do mean on
Rating: R, or adult only, there is significant sexual content
Warnings: Yaoi, light bondage, a bit of language, lots of foreplay (the real sex is in the next part)
Summary: Yazoo is hot, Kadaj is away, and Loz thinks he might have a way to distract his brother from that terrible heat…

Interlude: Part One

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 37

Okay, because LJ is a whore and won’t let me post the ENTIRE episode this time around, I’ve had to break it up yet again! Ok, so here it is, roughly two thirds of the Gala event closing *smacks fucking livejournal again and swears to move somewhere else where posting the soap doesn’t take two freaking hours*

Episode 37

A Hard Time: The Weekend (1)

Okay, much delayed but here it is! A Hard Time continues, and don’t we all feel bad for little Cloud *evil grin*? Info for those who don’t know! Authors: Cloud is played by [info]zilldk , Reno and Rude are played by [info]jaded_grin
: Reno/Cloud/Rude sandwich in that order
R – you have been warned!
Light D/s, man sex, etc. This is purely (almost) porn, people!
Summary: After leaving the room in that bar behind him, Cloud drives ahead, trying very hard not to think too much about what he’d done with Reno and Rude such a short time ago…

A Hard Time: The Weekend Part One

Pictures for Midgar Soap!

For some reason, I cannot get the last part of my episode to display properly and Bela’s pictures aren’t showing. I’ve tried for about three hours to get the post to behave but it has led to some pretty cataclysmic results, so I’ve decided to do a post of just her pictures! These I find especially perfect for this week’s episode! And I have to say that I have spent a lot of time looking at them and getting inspiration. You’re amazing, Bela! Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures!

The Gala At Midgar

Kadaj Pissed Off

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 36

Thank you to everyone who contacted me, I’ve been having a rough time of things, but I think I got my inspiration back! Thank you etrix  for the videos, and Bela for the sweet messages and, as always, Zill for shoring me up when I list heavily to port 😀 Here it part one of the Gala, and I hope it will suffice! I’ve struggled more with this episode than with any other, but I will leave it to the readers to judge its worthiness!

Episode 36

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 35

Sorry for the delay! My internet is acting spotty so I’m not sure what is going on. Okay, we are slowly working into the Gala, everyone! I had to bore you with a long intro of people flooding in, but I really couldn’t just rush to being inside of the gallery without adding in how they got there. It’s just an OCD thing on my part, no worries. But to make it up to you, I present two more of [info]belatrix_labe‘s delicious drawings! These are not safe for work but they are in thumbnail form at the end of the episode so you can click for the larger picture when you are in a safe area 😉

Next week I will hopefully be inspired to write shenanigans that will up the OMGNOHEDIDN’T factor and generally amuse and delight your all! Please bear with me, and once more I apologize for the boring filler chapter!!!

Episode 35