I did this more as a challenge to myself–could I get my Yazoo to successfully top my Reno? The answer to that question is in the link below…

Rating: ADULTS ONLY, you have been warned, I am not responsible
Pairing: Yazoo x Reno
Disclaimer: Honestly, you all know by now who owns these characters, and if you don’t you can google it–try FFVII or FF Advent Children<

            “Sh, be quiet,” Yazoo admonished, grinning.

            Reno bit his lip and subsided, his drawn brows giving him the contrite look of a scolded little fox.

            Gently, gently, Yazoo let his hand resume rubbing Reno’s erection through the silky material of his pajamas.      

            “Oh fuck, baby,” he groaned, hips arching a little, blue eyes closing in bliss. He did his best to keep quiet but still lowly moaned, urging Yazoo’s hand to press harder.

            “You’re so adorable,” Yazoo sighed, giving him a thorough rub-job, cooing a little when that thick, fat cock throbbed beneath the precum-tacky material of his pants. “You make me want to do bad things to you…”

            “Do bad things to me!” Reno agreed, eyes flying open. “All the bad things you want, yo!”

            “Hmph,” Yazoo sighed, slipping his hand down inside those loose pants to palm him, liking the way Reno groaned and thrust against his slowly stroking hand, his body tensing. He was so sexy, his little fox-face—so lean and fit and ridiculously beautiful. Yazoo had to admit to taking a certain amount of smug pride in the fact that Reno got such hungry looks from people when they went places. Granted, those looks were equal parts appalled and seduced, like people couldn’t quite believe themselves to be attracted to a loud, brash, drunkard. Yazoo always secretly gloated that he was the one who got to give Reno everything he wanted. Yes, his gorgeous lover was a catch and a half, no matter what he said…

            “Harder,” Reno begged, grunting a little when Yazoo’s fist worked faster, his fingers tightening. He watched that lean fox-face transform with pleasure, those thin lips parting in a silent gasp, those huge blue eyes half-lidded and sultry. “Oh god, baby, you’re so good!”

             It was enormously distracting to be giving Reno a handjob—indeed, anything that involved Reno at all was enormously distracting to Yazoo. He wanted him badly, just as he always did, his own body hardening to see his slim lover writhing, trying to fuck his clenched hand, panting and encouraging him.

            “Somebody needs a dirty fuck,” Yazoo whispered, and got an immediate grin from Reno, all crooked and sly.

            “Oh you’re fucking right about that, yo!”

            Yazoo stripped his pants off of him and pulled his hips down, stroking him with one hand, the first finger of the other playing over those thin, gorgeous lips. He dipped his finger into Reno’s mouth and was rewarded with an immediate suck, that swirling tongue playing, those blue eyes closing in bliss.

            “Nice and wet, fox-face,” Yazoo murmured, waiting until Reno had coated his finger before slipping it out and sliding it into his moaning lover, cooing at his low moan.

            “Oh yeah, baby, you know how I like it,” Reno whispered, head falling back. The combination of Yazoo’s slowly stroking hand and gently thrusting finger sent shivers down his spine. He’d long ago not only gotten used to Yazoo’s fingers inside him, he’d actually started to really enjoy it, and rocked his hips accordingly.

            “I do know how you like it,” Yazoo murmured, leaning up to kiss him while he slipped a second finger inside his tight lover. “And I know you want it, sometimes as badly as I do…”

            “Want what, baby?” Reno questioned, groaning to feel that second finger, so amazing in what it was doing. God, it felt awesome—sometimes it scared him how good it felt.

            Yazoo pressed those fingers deep and twisted his hand, adding a sharp sensation to what he was doing to Reno’s cock as he sighed, “Want my cock inside you…”

            Reno’s eyes popped open and he hoarsely said, “I’m the guy, baby.”

            Yazoo smirked and asked, “What does that have to do with anything?”

            He leaned down, holding Reno’s cock to his lips, and softly sucked on his head, distracting him.

            “Aw, fuck, Yazoo, you give the best head…” he moaned, shuddering because those fingers were still slowly thrusting into him, slippery and firm, rubbing over his sweet spot with slow, lingering strokes. That perfect pink mouth was amazing, softly sucking, those pearly white teeth digging in just enough to make that phenomenal suction even more outstanding. He could feel himself helplessly oozing into that hot, wet mouth, his precum slipping from the seal of Yazoo’s lips to slide down his straining erection and puddle against the hand tightly holding the base of his penis.

            A third finger joined the other two and Reno whimpered a little, back arching as Yazoo went all the way down in a brief, deep suck that distracted him. He gasped, eyes rolling in pleasure because three fingers felt even better, and Yazoo was alternating delicious head with occasional deep, full-length sucks. Reno shuddered convulsively, his balls tightening with the need to cum.

            “Don’t you want it?” Yazoo asked, releasing him with a hard suck, his hand moving up from the base to resume its slow, precum-slick stroking. “Don’t you wonder how it will feel? My body deep inside you, making you cum…”

            “No,” Reno breathlessly denied, shuddering because it was amazing just thinking about it. “It’d hurt…besides, yo—I’m not gay!”

            “I think we can call bullshit on that one,” Yazoo amicably said, smirking.

            Reno sat up and kissed him when Yazoo removed his questing fingers, mouth working hard and stoking the fire in Yazoo’s groin. Years of being a proverbial “manwhore” had culminated in formidable skill in the area of love-making, and Yazoo never forgot to be thankful that Reno loved him with all of his dark, hardened little heart. For all his playful lightness Reno carried a burden of deeds that made him guard himself as fiercely as Yazoo ever had—matching them perfectly.

            “Trust me,” Yazoo whispered, letting go of that gorgeously fat, perfectly sized cock and sliding his bare skin against his lover’s. “You’ll like it, Reno, I know you will…”

            “But…not gay…”

            Yazoo sighed again and stood, pulling Reno to his feet and turning him around to bend him over, his corded arms braced on the bed.

            “Yazoo, I don’t know about this, yo!” Reno began, the nervousness apparent in his voice. He stammered some excuse about having laundry in but Yazoo trailed his tongue up Reno’s slender, long back, right between those tiger-stripes. It forced a soft moan from the man’s mouth and stilled his protests, awakening goosebumps on his pale skin. “God, baby, you know you’re amazing, right?”

            “I try,” Yazoo purred, and reached around to grasp that straining cock firmly. “Now, where were we?”

            “Laundry,” Reno squeaked, shuddering as that hand slowly pumped. Yazoo gave awesome handjobs, and he wasn’t stingy with them either—in public, at the movies, in line at the store, in restrooms—wherever Reno wanted it quick and dirty, Yazoo had it ready for him. Yazoo had never let him down.

            His breath left in a huge, pleasured moan when Yazoo slid those three fingers back inside him, making his eyes cross a little. He shook, hips trembling, knees weak between the mingled sensations of Yazoo’s pumping hand and thrusting fingers.

            “God that feels good, baby,” he moaned, shuddering.

            “I’ll take care of you, won’t I?” Yazoo whispered. “Haven’t I always known just what to do?”

            Indeed, Yazoo had an eerie connection to Reno’s libido, which explained why their relationship was still going strong—no matter what mood he was in or what kind of love he craved, Yazoo always guessed right and served it up hot.

            He was on the cusp of an orgasm, could feel it tightening his balls and throbbing through his cock against Yazoo’s hand. He felt his slender, gorgeous lover move slightly at his back, heard the pop of a cap. Yazoo paused momentarily, and when his hands returned to do their business they were slippery slick and delicious, pushing Reno back towards that mind-blowing orgasm he knew was waiting for him.

            “Slowly,” Yazoo purred, his fist sinking to the base of Reno’s pulsing cock and giving him a squeeze that held him back. After a second the urge passed and he started pumping again, forcing gasping, sobbing moans from his fox-faced lover. The fingers inside him moved with slow assurance, effortlessly hitting his prostate. “Are you ready?”

            Holy fuck you feel good,” Reno breathed, wanting it to stay just like this—those fingers and Yazoo’s hot little hand wrapped tight around him. “…Just…fuck…Yazoo, I dunno…”

            “One more finger and I’m fisting you, fox-face,” Yazoo lightly said, and Reno’s eyes widened with this news, a startled and utterly aroused groan breaking from him.

            “Oh god, baby, I dunno—”

            “Oh to hell with your hang-ups, anyway,” Yazoo said, his voice as mild as ever.

            His fingers slid out.

            Something round and thick and heavy slid partially in.

            “Whoa!” Reno yelled, lunging forward, but Yazoo’s brutal, delicious hold on his cock prevented that. He started panting, tightening around Yazoo’s amazing flesh. Stars sparked up before his vision and he shuddered violently, one thought screaming through his head, ‘There’s a fucking huge cock inside me, oh my fucking god!’


            His lover kept up that sweet friction on his cock and slowly, gently pushed to the balls inside him. Reno gasped when he felt it, so much better than fingers, pressing in all the right places with the steady, pulsing push of something thick and unyielding.

            He writhed a little, groaning, fingers clenching on the sheets.

            Fuck!” he moaned, because it felt in-fucking­-credible and it scared the holy hell out of him.

            “Getting there,” Yazoo purred, his smooth voice only slightly unsteady. His lean body trembled against Reno’s back, his free hand gripping one narrow, sinewy hip. His soft, shocked little mewls of pleasure only added to the pressure in Reno’s groin, and when he started thrusting—slowly, gently—Reno couldn’t stand it anymore.

            “Oh god, baby, that feels fucking amazing! Aw, fuck me, Yazoo! Holy fucking Christ!”

            Yazoo’s hand worked in tandem with his arching hips and Reno melted into a haze of pleasure, rocking in time with it, body clenching as Yazoo worked him into a shattering orgasm that had his cock spurting in heavy jets across their bed, his head thrown back and harsh, muffled moans coming from his lips.

            “I knew you would like it,” Yazoo brokenly said, licking his ear and laying over him from behind, hips pistoning, continuing that relentless, amazing assault of Reno’s sweet-spot, his hand still coaxing milky dribbles from his lover’s throbbing cock. “Double-tap for me, fox-face—show me that I wasn’t wrong…”

            Reno moaned, so aroused by it all that he gladly gave in, his aching, amazing dry-cum set off by Yazoo’s fat cock erupting inside him. They came together, both of them shaking, Yazoo nearly sobbing as his body clutched up in release. Reno breathed curses and moans of appreciation, slumping down beneath Yazoo’s lean, boneless weight.

            “Oh my god, no wonder you like cock,” he sighed, wincing when Yazoo pulled away to flop down beside him on the bed.

            He reared up, suddenly unsettled, and planted a firm, possessive kiss on Yazoo’s soft, moist mouth.

            What he got in return was the same soft, yielding submission that he usually got. No spark of dominance, no assurance that their roles would suddenly change—no, Yazoo was as passive and accepting as he’d ever been, and trembled prettily under Reno’s hard kiss.

            “I love you, baby,” he told him, staring down into those sparkling green eyes. “How do you always know what I want, even when I don’t know it, yo?”

            Yazoo smiled at him shyly and said, “I had to get you all the way there somehow, Reno—you can’t hang onto ‘I’m not gay’ forever…”

            Reno’s eyes rounded in shock and startled, abrupt laughter bubbled up from his belly. He gathered Yazoo’s lean, sculpted body into his arms and hugged him close, still laughing.



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