Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 36

Season Two: Episode 36


Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 35

I’m working on comments, I promise! I love you guys to bits!!!! I got a cat on an IV needing round-the-clock attention, so things are a little nutty for me, but keep your fingers crossed!

Season Two: Episode 35

Another stunning piece of artwork from Bela!!!

So I know I can’t get my formatting figured out, but she just sent me this and I had to share it! So here it is, an amazing picture of our favorite pairs 😀 Thank you so much  ! It is so wonderful and I love it so much!!!

As always, you can click the picture to see the full size one hosted at my photobucket!

Midgar the Soap – Season Two: Episode 34

Sorry for the delay, everyone, and also sorry for the insanely shitty formatting. For whatever reason my open office documents aren’t translating right, even in HTML, so just bear with me. Huge thanks to  for the advice! I really appreciate it, boo boo, even if I had to use a different (and far more tedious) route.

Season Two: Episode 34