Another stunning piece of artwork from Bela!!!

So I know I can’t get my formatting figured out, but she just sent me this and I had to share it! So here it is, an amazing picture of our favorite pairs 😀 Thank you so much  ! It is so wonderful and I love it so much!!!

As always, you can click the picture to see the full size one hosted at my photobucket!

Pictures for Midgar Soap!

For some reason, I cannot get the last part of my episode to display properly and Bela’s pictures aren’t showing. I’ve tried for about three hours to get the post to behave but it has led to some pretty cataclysmic results, so I’ve decided to do a post of just her pictures! These I find especially perfect for this week’s episode! And I have to say that I have spent a lot of time looking at them and getting inspiration. You’re amazing, Bela! Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures!

The Gala At Midgar

Kadaj Pissed Off

Fanwork for Midgar: The Soap

Here are some beautiful and beloved pieces of work from two wonderful and fantastic artists! Beneath the cut are their pictures in their full sized glory because I felt that the thumbnails didn’t do them justice and I want everyone to be able to see them as is! All of my love and thanks go to the fantastic artists and writers

and for all of their hard work and love for the Soap! Thank you! Hugs to you both and keep up the fantastic work! Beneath the cut are the pictures in the order which I received them!

Fan Art for Midgar: The Soap