Reno is God (19)

This was an amusing little piece of fun that I couldn’t resist writing–I may even add to it as needed, it certainly won’t leave me alone, and the world is far too short of threesomes anyways.
Title: Reno Is God
Rating: M (Now it’s just an excuse for smuttiness)
Description: Freshly returned from the Lifestream, Kadaj enjoys a sucker compliments of Tifa and informs Cloud that he has found God
Disclaimer: I don’t own shite, if you want to sue me, sue for my SIMS games–they’re the only things I have that are worth anything.

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Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 33

I am back from vacation and have lots of Soap to offer to make up for my absence! I missed you all and I’m so glad to be back *squeezes*! I also bring more wonderful work from my beloved Bela! Without further ado, here it is!

Episode 33

I WON! I WON! And I couldn’t have done it without you!

Dog Will Hunt won the 2008 Genesis Award for Best Slash Romance! And it would never have even gotten there without Etrix (*snugs you, you peach*) nominating it and all of the readers support! Thank you judges for your consideration, and thank you to Etrix! I’m super happy and very, very grateful! HUGS ALL AROUND!!!!!!

(PS – Vacation was too long, not restful, and all-around nonsense, but I am home now, and I will be getting caught up on everything in the world, lol! So please forgive me if it takes me awhile to get back to you! I’m so glad to be back! WOOOT!)

A Hard Time: The Visit (3)

Okay, much delayed but here it is! A Hard Time continues, and don’t we all feel bad for little Cloud *evil grin*? Info for those who don’t know!
Authors: Cloud is played by  Zildk, Reno and Rude are played by Jaded Grin

Characters: Reno/Cloud (for now, Rude comes in later again)

Rating: R – you have been warned!
Warnings: Light D/s, man sex, etc. This is purely (almost) porn, people!
Summary: After leaving the room in that bar behind him, Cloud drives ahead, trying very hard not to think too much about what he’d done with Reno and Rude such a short time ago…

A Hard Time: The Visit Part 3

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 32

Okay, got some news! I’m leaving for vacation on Friday and I won’t be back until the Sunday after, so there is every possibility that there will be no Soap next Monday. I don’t know that the condo will have internet service, so there is that. Uhm, this week might be a little off, I am sorry for it! I hope it satisfies! And also, there are more pictures by Bela! WOOT! She is just amazing and keeps gifting us with these beautiful drawings! So let her know that you like them! Anyway, happy Monday, everyone! And once I get back from vacation, things will get back on schedule again!

Episode 32

Midgar the Soap – Season One: Episode 31

Thank you to everyone who has helped  by answering the questions she posed last episode! I really appreciate everyone supporting her scholastic endeavors!

In regards to [info]belatrix_labe‘s pictures not showing up: it has come to my attention that if you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer, then the pictures will not show. The newest IE managed to break the LJ code and renders the pictures unreachable, I apologize for this, I run the latest version of FireFox by Mozilla, so I didn’t have the trouble that others have been having. To view her amazingly beautiful artwork, you can also reach her on her Deviant Art account so please go that route if you cannot see the pictures, because we have two more for this episode!

I realize that Reno and Yazoo’s first time together was a little unhappy for most, but the rest will be better because of it, and it was necessary for Yazoo’s story to be told, so thank you for hanging in there! This week we hear a little from everyone (except Yuffie, because I  lost her somewhere in episode 28 and I have no idea of where she’s gone, lol) and we get some plot advancing, so enjoy!

Episode 31