A Bitter Taste (14)

A Bitter Taste

Warning: Murder incoming, FYI.

Hannibal drove him out of the city that night. There was a fire in his eyes that matched what Will had seen in his bed, though it stemmed from another place entirely. Hannibal’s passions, it seemed, presented the same to even Will’s discerning eye.

“Do you have something specific in mind, or are we just…going?” Will asked, lolling in the passenger seat of Hannibal’s ridiculously luxurious car.

“I always have something in mind,” he answered, angling an amused glance at Will. “Considering how Mathilda’s death affected you, it occurs to me that you aren’t utilizing your talent to the fullest, Will. When I asked you if it bothers you, you said no. Was that a lie?”

“No,” Will said, turning to look out at the passing scenery. They were reaching a less populated area, passing less return traffic. “It wasn’t a lie and, no, it doesn’t bother me, per se.”

“‘Every death since then is a weight around my neck’,” Hannibal echoed back at him, amused.

“They aren’t irreconcilable,” Will said, his fingers spreading on the warm leather seat, exploring the texture with his sensitive fingertips. “I carry their weight so it isn’t meaningless, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it all over again.”

“You deceive yourself,” Hannibal decided.

“I compartmentalize,” Will corrected him, smiling a little. “Time hasn’t taught me patience, Doctor Lecter, but it has taught me pragmatism.” Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (13)

A Bitter Taste

Hannibal left him to sleep it off and Will drifted in that in-between place where the waking world merged with sleep. The sound of the shower drifted to his ears like the pattering of rain the night he’d gone home again. Half asleep, Will found himself there once more, the scent of a cigar leading him through the shadows of his family home to find his father. It seemed important that he find him, important to tell him…something. An apology? A plea for forgiveness?

I left themWhy did I leave them?’

There was no stag there with him, no dangerous presence outside of his own. He wasn’t sure if he’d met the Ravenstag yet, the timeline of his life crossed itself, confusing him. Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (12)

A Bitter Taste

‘Kay, so, PORN. Consider it practice. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, hopefully it’s not too tedious. Sorry I’m not sorry. I suck at warnings so I’m going to generalize:  If you don’t like reading about sex between dudes, wait for the next chapter. The only plot forwarding in this chapter is in regards to their relationship.

You get me…’

There was a split second of thrilling anticipation followed by the inevitable realization that it was finite. Hannibal was no immortal like himself. He had risen to the peak of his prime and was starting to eye the road down in the distance. Perhaps, had Will found him twenty years before, it would have made a difference but that was foolish to even think of. They were here, now, and he would move on sooner rather than later, leaving Hannibal behind however he could manage to do so. Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (11)

A Bitter Taste

This story is now on Ao3, so you can follow it there if you like but it is WAY behind, like seriously, so there’s that.

“Where were you before you came to Baltimore, Will?”

Will paused with his fork midway to his mouth, finished the movement and chewed with relish, composing his reply. After wandering aimlessly for some time he’d returned to Hannibal’s house to find him in his kitchen, a place where he seemed happiest. He’d been in especially good humor, pleased with what he’d brought home with him. Will hadn’t asked.

“Louisianna,” Will finally said, a familiar lethargy coming over him. Somehow, it was more satisfying to eat at Hannibal’s table than it was to drain victims as Will always had. Perhaps the monster inside of him wanted its due in flesh instead of blood, now. He certainly seemed to be taking more from them these days than he used to.

“Any particular reason for being there?” Hannibal asked, watching him eat.

Will shrugged. “It was as good a place as any, I guess. I just kind of…drift around. I never stay anywhere for long.”

“But you’ve been here before, Will, haven’t you?” Hannibal asked, cutting himself a small, perfect bite. “Why do you keep coming back?” Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (10)

A Bitter Taste

This story is now on Ao3, so you can follow it there if you like but it is WAY behind, like seriously, so there’s that.

“Tell me of your rebirth, Will. Tell me what you recall of the night that elevated you to godhood.”

Rain pounded on the roof, drumming an erratic rhythm that matched the thundering of his heart. The coppery, hot scent of blood was so thick he could taste it, lingering there on the back of his tongue fit to make him gag.

‘William…’ His mother wept, holding his sister. She looked so small in the voluminous folds of her white nightgown, her trembles only revealed in the thin fingers that scrabbled for purchase. ‘William, don’t—’

‘Save them,’ he said, anguished. ‘Save them all! Take me instead!’

A boy’s bravery, foolish and brash but genuine. A shadow rose to blind him, the spreading wings of a raven, feathers fluttering from the thick neck of a solemn stag that watched him with pitiless eyes. But that wasn’t true. That wasn’t real. It was merely a guise to make them cower in terror, clutching their religious trinkets and praying to a disinterested God who would never show compassion to them. Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (09)

A Bitter Taste

So………….you guys are pretty quiet. Do I need to keep going or just keep it to myself? I can’t quite get a gauge on the interest level.

“…doesn’t look as swollen,” a woman said, her voice piercing a haze of darkness.

Will came out of his deep, dreamless sleep when he felt something brush his side, soft skin sliding over his hip where Hannibal had bitten him. He lay still, taking stock. He was enveloped in the downy softness of warm sheets and heavy comforter, wrapped in the warmth of two bodies, one of which was sitting up at his back, legs still entangled, and touching him cautiously.

It’s still there?’ He flinched at Alana’s touch, bewildered that the bite mark hadn’t vanished with the morning light. ‘Maybe it hasn’t been long enough?’ He’d never really kept track, just knew that his wounds always reknit themselves by dawn.

“Perhaps it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was?” Hannibal offered, his warm chest rumbling against Will’s limply curled hands when he spoke. One arm was wrapped high over Will’s side and his head was tucked beneath the man’s jaw, his curls moving with every word.

“You drew blood, Hannibal, don’t patronize me,” Alana said, teasing, but still a very real warning. She rubbed her hand over Will’s hip once more, softly so as not to pain him, and sighed a little, coiling back down against his back and around him to reach the man on his other side. “I saw you at dinner. What did you do to panic him?” Continue reading

A Bitter Taste (08)

A Bitter TasteOkay, here’s the warning. This chapter is PORN…kinda. I mean, really, it depends on your definition of sex and what your no-no’s are. To me, this is kind of just unusual masturbation, but there’s penetration so I guess it counts. THAT SAID, if you are under the age of 18, you should not be reading this (Mom-stare….). Otherwise: Continue reading