Reno Is God (35)

Chapter 35: The War On Grump

Kadaj heard Cloud get up and start moving about upstairs, and he quickly ducked behind the couch. He had a pot on his head for a helmet (because he figured Cloud might start throwing things) and his sharp green eyes on the stairway. As the stairs creaked under Cloud’s weight, Kadaj fairly wiggled with excitement, because The War on Grump was officially underway.

He’d been up most of the night scribbling a long list of things he could do to Cloud, interspersed with notes about clothes he wanted to buy and bored doodles of himself at the mall. Once he was sure Cloud was in bed, he’d sneaked downstairs to begin his one-man war with his secret weapon – Super Helpful.

Because if anything drove Yazoo nuts in their home, it was when Kadaj tried to help. Continue reading

Curiosity (2)


His hands shook when he reached out.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but the first thing he felt was warm, bare skin, completely smooth, soft as silk. He brought his other hand to the one that rested on warm flesh, hesitating when the body before him shifted, making the sling creak. They hadn’t been able to hear him approach, hadn’t been able to see him—touching the person had startled them, but they settled almost immediately. Continue reading

Reno Is God (34)

Chapter 34: Kadaj Has a New Name

Two days into staying at Seventh Heaven, Kadaj was beginning to think he’d earned himself a new first name.

No! Kadaj,” that was his name, because it was all Mister Grumpy Pants Niisan ever said to him.

“Cloud, can I go to the mall?”

No, Kadaj.”

“Cloud, can I borrow your phone?”

No, Kadaj!”

“Cloud, can I go to Miki’s house?”

No, Kadaj!”

“Cloud, can I have twenty Gil?”

No, Kadaj!”

And on and on, until Kadaj was pretty sure Cloud’s voice box was stuck in negative mode.

But the one that broke the proverbial donkey’s back was the answer to a question Kadaj was not about to take ‘no’ as an answer for.

Niisan, can you take me to see Yazoo?” Continue reading

The Beginning of the End (6)

Chapter 6: Cloud Gets Touched!

Cloud found himself at the bluff again, picking at his mental wounds with the hopeless determination of an addicted masochist. The wind tugged at his hair but he didn’t feel it, wasn’t aware of the picture he presented with his lithe, compact body and his still, exquisite face—the focus was turned inwards, a desperate attempt to drown the needs of his soul with the guilt that had grown larger each passing day.

He thought of Aerith and her understanding and how enraged he had been when she’d been cut down—but that had not kept him from giving into his lover after her death, when he returned to wreak his havoc. So many people he’d lost and still he’d lain side by side with the man responsible for so much anguish, unable to keep himself from those dark promises… Continue reading

The Beginning of the End (5)


Chapter 5: Reno Meets the Girl of His Dreams

Reno stumbled into the dark, smoky bar, the throbbing music hitting him like a wave.

His bright blue eyes scanned the room, none too focused as he made his wobbling, unsteady way to the bar.

“Hey, Reno, you look like you’ve already had a long night,” the bartender observed, prepping his usual.

“Just having some fun, yo,” Reno said, his voice even, though his steps were not. He knocked back the drink and tossed his credit card down on the bar.

“Gonna be that kind of a night?” the bartender asked, brows up.

Reno grinned, one brow up and one eye closed.

“Might be needin’ that room, yo,” he said, swallowing down another and motioning for more.

“Well, you certainly aren’t driving all the way back to Edge in your condition,” he was told, another drink set before him. The bartender slid him a key, saying, “It’ll go on your tab, second door on the left.”

“As usual,” Reno drawled, lighting a cigarette and peering around the bar, leaning on it to keep from falling. He was feeling dizzy and light, in the mood for some company.

“Anybody here tonight?” he asked, taking his drink a little slower this time, alternating swallows with drags from his smoke. Continue reading

Curiosity (1)

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Warnings: I’m putting this up here to escape the file-muncher! There will be more, but it might not be soon.

Title: Curiosity
Rating: Mature (For now, there’s gonna be smut soon)
Description: Rude is curious and finds a way to satisfy it without anyone getting hurt. This is for Rude, who is on the little-love end with Loz…don’t worry, pal, I’ll get to you!
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of the Square Enix characters which appear in my story, nor do I make money off of my writing. I do it for the love, people! For the love!


He was curious.

That was why he’d come to the House of M, because it was a place where curiosity was welcomed, embraced, and satisfied.

Rude was not a person to be curious about many things—he lived in a physical world where things obeyed the rules and outlandish things were demolished by either himself or his demonic red-head of a partner. Things were normal, things were dealt with, paychecks were delivered and life was lived.

Unfortunately, he was curious. Continue reading

The Beginning of the End (4)

Chapter 4: Kadaj on the Hunt

The baby was restless.

That alone was enough to put Loz on edge, watching Kadaj’s slender body drift around their room, his fingers trailing over the items on the bureau and a rather sullen look on his sweet baby face. He was fifteen now, an idea Loz had trouble getting around, though his little brother had sprung up like a weed in the past two years, almost up to his nose now.

“Where’s Yazoo?” Kadaj asked, flinging himself down on the bed next to Loz and pillowing his head on the older man’s belly. He did it with the utter assurance of a child much-loved. There was nothing in his experience with his brothers that would lead him to believe they could ever do anything but bend to his whims. Continue reading