By the Light of the Moon


Art credit to CamilleFlyingRotten, @CamilleCailloux on Twitter, for #ForBothofUs fest, Hannibal Cre-Ate-ive found here.

12:35 a.m. — Wolftrap, Virginia

Hannibal Lecter was a man of many secrets. He had to be, all things considered. He was a serial killer masquerading as a psychiatrist—secrets were a bygone conclusion.

But he was far too curious to allow such secrets to exist in others, hence why he was in the tree line outside Will Graham’s house on a freezing cold evening, breath puffing around his face and fingers growing stiff, all because Will had canceled his appointment under very suspicious circumstances.

Namely, he’d called and said, “I just remembered I can’t make it.”

Suspicious indeed.

Lights went off inside, leaving Will’s little house dark and adrift on a plain of moonlit snow. It was a full one, Hannibal knew. He always kept track, considering the effect it had on the behavior of those around him. He usually wound up with an addition or two to his freezer every month thanks to the moon’s influence.

The door creaked. He faintly heard Will admonish one of his dogs as it tried to come out with him. The door shut with a click and Will bounded into his yard in the moonlight.

Several things hit Hannibal hard all at once which, thankfully, his voracious mind was more than capable of processing simultaneously.

Will was in incredible shape.

Will was entirely naked.

Will was coming directly towards him.

Hannibal drew back into the deeper darkness, already furiously trying to imagine what on earth Will was up to and even more curious than he’d been before.

Will left a smattering of footprints in the snow behind him and stretched his stride, every muscle bunching and sliding beneath his smooth, pale skin, as if the cold and the night invigorated him. His face wore a wild, happy grin, baring long, lupine teeth Hannibal could see even from such a distance and knew damned well hadn’t been there before.

There wasn’t time to be surprised by what happened, it just… did. Continue reading

Sounded Like a Good Idea



Nigel hastily pinched out his cigarette at the sound of Adam’s soft, inquisitive voice calling out to him. He pocketed the stub, knowing well enough the scolding he risked if he littered, and called back, “Yeah, coming.”

He rifled his fingers through his hair, a tingle of worry running through him at the thought of what was to come— a first for them both, he knew. He trusted himself to Adam’s hands, but something in him balked at the idea of what Adam had so guilelessly suggested they do. When his little Omega had mentioned the sounds he’d purchased, Nigel had erroneously assumed they would be used on Adam himself.

Adam had corrected that in his usual blunt, unselfconscious way.

‘Oh, no, Nigel. I bought these for you… ’ Continue reading

God and Glasses

God and Glasses

“Hey, Hannibal, I’m taking Linus for a walk—”

Will stopped abruptly in his tracks, Linus bumbling into the backs of his legs, both of them pausing in the doorway to Hannibal’s study. With stark shock etched on his face, Will stared at Hannibal Lecter, who placidly gazed back at him, a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose.

“Will?” he prodded, his mild tone at odds with the soft smirk on his lips. “Is something wrong?”

“No, just—” Will cocked his head, unable to hide his surprise. “You got glasses.”

“I did,” Hannibal said, touching the wire frames with a gentle finger.

Will shoved his hands into his pockets and moved close enough to get a better look at the glasses in question. The delicate wire frames gleamed against Hannibal’s tanned skin and stray strands of his fine hair, longer now and almost entirely silver. His amber eyes flicked over Will’s face, seeing him clearly, bright and mischievous and wreathed in laugh lines Will loved, having been the cause of so many.

“You’re staring, Will.”

“Sorry,” Will said, huffing a soft laugh, struck by the sight of his husband wearing glasses. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Do you recall several nights ago informing me that I needed a pair of readers?”

A small sound escaped Will at the word, one he failed to stifle.

“Am I amusing you, Will?” The temperature dropped significantly with that question.

“No,” Will said, grinning. “That wasn’t a laugh, Hannibal, trust me. Second to never expecting to see you wearing glasses comes you using the word ‘readers’. It’s… cute.”


“Yeah,” Will said, knowing Hannibal couldn’t resist him for long.

“What was decidedly not cute was being told by my drunken, melancholic husband that I’m ‘blind as a bat’ and need to get my ‘prissy ass’ to the optometrist and do something about it before I ruin another meal.”

Will winced, ducking his head but not breaking eye contact. How could he, when Hannibal was so majestically irate? He seemed a scholarly longshoreman, sitting in his comfy chair drenched in sunlight, snuggled in a thick cable knit sweater with his tousled hair falling around his face.

“For some reason you also tried convincing me I’m not god.”

“Did I manage to persuade you?” Will teased, taking the seat opposite him in the warm sunlight.

“I’m not certain why you attempted to,” Hannibal said, laying his book aside to stroke Linus when the portly dog flopped against his bare foot. “And I fail to see why my needing glasses had anything to do with my contested status as a deity.” Continue reading

Overcoming: The Series in Paperback (and ebook)


For those of you who are interested or wish to have the online serial, Overcoming, on your shelves, the paperbacks are now available for purchase! If you prefer ebook format, those are available, as well! Thank you for everything! It has been an amazing experience and I love you all!


Volume 1: Adapt




Volume 2: Evolve




Volume 3: Become



57 Overcoming—The Final Chapter

Overcoming Header 57


“Will, no,” Hannibal wept, smoothing his still, cold face, unable to bring himself to do what he knew he must in order to save their child.

Take the baby and risk losing Will in the process.

But he couldn’t. He couldn’t.

He would save him, as he hadn’t been able to save Melinda. He would bring his mate through this, his ferocious and unpredictable Omega who had fought to sheer exhaustion and, perhaps, hadn’t the strength to fight any longer.

“You’re my husband, Will. Your battles are my battles, just as mine are yours, remember?” he whispered, his words as urgent as the kisses he pressed to his mate’s cold, stiff fingers. “And when you tire, I fight in your place, as you would in mine. I said before there is no weakness in tiring, having fought for so long. I will fight for you, Will, always and forever.” Continue reading

56 Overcoming

Overcoming Header 56



The door to Will’s suite was locked and Hannibal hadn’t the patience to wait for Mrs. Henderson to fetch her keys for him. Under the frightened stares of the gathering Hartford staff, he reared back and slammed his foot into the door, shouting, “Will! Answer me! Will!”

He could scent him—fear and fevered sweetness, rage and determination and vulnerability that nearly broke the last restraint on Hannibal’s Alpha instincts.


It was faint and muffled and only made him feel even more frantic when he heard it, but Hannibal answered all the same, “Will!”

The lock clicked and Hannibal flung the door open, casting about in the darkness, choking on the rancid brimstone scent of Francis Dolarhyde. Winston and Tier’s girls growled behind him, hesitating to crowd him but agitated by the scent of distress that saturated the room.

“Will!” Hannibal shouted, casting around to catch his scent, his heart hammering. “Will—”

The door slammed behind him and the lock clicked again, closing the dogs and staff out in the hall. Hannibal rounded on them, snarling in warning, his stomach sinking in a sickening drop when the shadowy figure in his husband’s room moved to turn up a lamp. Continue reading

55 Overcoming

Overcoming Header 55 2


Will knew without a doubt that something terrible had happened if his sister had returned to Hartford of her own accord. He drew himself together and hurried to the door, shocked when Tier’s girls began to bark and carry on as if they would eat her alive.

“Oh my gods, why are those things inside the house?” Mina shrieked, startled by the approach of the dogs. She drew up in terror, her eyes showing whites all around, a grimace of fear contorting her features.

They barked so viciously that Will worried for a moment that they might attack, but the large animals made no move to do so, only filled the room with their snarling displeasure.

“Girls! Goodness!” Will said, raising his voice to be heard above the din. He cast a glance back and gestured at Mr. Hawkes, saying once he was close enough to hear, “Take Winston and the girls upstairs for now, Mr. Hawkes.”

“Very good, my Lord,” Mr. Hawkes said, his rumbling tone heard even over their angry snarls.

Will moved to console his sister as the dogs were pulled away, taking note of her travel-dusty dress, her tear-streaked face, and how deeply disturbed she was. Continue reading