A Hard Time: Looking Forward (4)

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Authors: Cloud is played by [info]zilldk , Reno and Rude are played by [info]jaded_grin
Characters: Reno/Cloud/Rude sandwich in that order
R – you have been warned!
Light D/s, man sex, etc.
Summary: Cloud has moved in with the two Turks and is slowly beginning to adjust to his new life. With Tifa upset with him and everything up in the air, the only thing he can do is look ahead to what may come.


Cloud was already on his way to a heaven he hadn’t known for so many years. Zack had done this to him all those years back, but he had never trusted anyone else to this kind of intimacy – never let anybody else into that close sphere of personal space for the amount of time it would take for a real massage to work its magic.

Tifa had offered on several occasions, when they had been on missions while at war with ShinRa, and on several other occasions after that, to help him wind down as a friendly gesture, but Cloud had never taken her up on it, too afraid that it could somehow lead her on or give her the wrong idea if he let her touch him like that. The last thing he had ever wanted was to hurt her and let her think that something more could be between them. She was his best friend.

But here, now, Cloud felt no reluctance, no hesitation at all. He felt himself completely relaxed and not an ounce of fear was left in him. He let out a soft moan of contentment as Rude worked a particularly hard knot and Cloud felt his muscles go liquid as Rude’s warm, cunning fingers made the soreness fade and eventually completely disappear.

“Oh gods, that feels so good,” he whispered, voice almost a drawl of lazy contentment, and he drew in a deep breath as he took in every sensation Rude’s large hands spread in him. Cloud knew that he had scars, lots of them from the time in Hojo’s labs, and that they would be painfully visible in a situation like this. Most of them were faded by now, thanks to the Mako in his system, but they would never ever disappear completely.

And still Cloud felt no reluctance in letting Rude and Reno know him like this – letting them see the ugly truth. He refused to let the scars and the past define him anymore, and he still remembered their first encounter at the inn and the almost reverent way Reno had slid his hand over the most prominent scar of them all – the one left by Sephiroth’s Masamune. It had astonished him that anybody could find such a thing beautiful, but it had made a difference much more significant than Cloud had been aware of at the time.

Cloud’s body was strong, battle hardened and fit, perfectly adapted to wielding the massive sword that had been his trademark ever since Zack had entrusted him with the Buster Sword. Cloud hadn’t considered his physique a sexual thing, had been oblivious to his own beauty. His body was a machine, a tool. All those years he had spent perfecting his physical abilities, building a hardened, impenetrable physical shield around his core, never letting anybody past the carefully withheld barriers. But somehow Reno and Rude had managed to work around them, had found a way inside him and read him like an open book, and as much as it scared him, he would be forever grateful for it.

He had been so close to giving up, so close to let the sadness and longing swallow him up and then they had been there, forcing him to face the demons and set him free. It had come with a price, but it was a price Cloud had accepted to pay. He knew he had no choice, and he only hoped that he would be able to mend it in due time so he could set things right with Tifa and the kids.

But those were worries for another time. Right now all he could think about was how good it felt to trust again, to be able to lie like this without thinking about keeping his guards up, about where his sword was and if it was within reach. He needed no weapons here, and slowly Rude’s strong hands stripped him of all the layers of self awareness until he was just a liquid, purring mess on the bed.

He was so curious about what Rude had meant by saying he would do more because Cloud couldn’t imagine what that could be, and Cloud felt a delightful shiver run down his spine at the sight of Reno’s knowing smile and the statement that he wouldn’t be able to move afterwards.

“What are you two planning on doing to me?” he moaned, almost unable to form the words from the utter contentment that had already possessed his body. “I sense foul play…” A smile tugged at the corners of his lips, and his hazy blue eyes looked straight into Reno’s with nothing but warmth and love all the while a giddy sense of mischief bubbled right beneath the surface. “I knew you would do anything to get Fenrir between your legs again…”

Rude chuckled and Reno snickered at Cloud’s soft joke, but Reno only curled closer and purred, “Oh, believe me, baby, you’ll pick this over driving that beast any day…”

“You hated it at first,” Rude quietly reminded, lovingly tracing the faint scars that showed on Cloud’s pale, perfect skin. The difference in texture was titillating to a man like him, and he spent just as much time exploring the map of Cloud’s back as he did finding and eliminating knots. “Don’t let him fool you, Cloud; he tried to buck me the first time.”

“Damned near succeeded,” Reno crowed, but it was soft and lacked true pride. The first time Rude had done this to him he’d been a cocky, confused, unsure youth ready to bolt at the least provocation. Rude’s absolute control had been like a slap to his sense of self, but now it was the safety upon which he rested with complete trust.

“Well, Mister Success, give the man some cushion,” Rude teased, and eased up off of Cloud’s body to let Reno wriggle into place. The slender redhead rolled onto his back and lifted Cloud with his wiry, strong arms so that he could slide partially beneath him.

“It’s better if someone holds you,” Rude explained, and watched with critical topaz eyes as Reno eased Cloud’s head to rest on his lower belly, partially in the crease of his thigh. He draped Cloud’s arms around his hips and stroked long, slim fingers through his amazing hair, sighing, “You just gotta relax, yo. Papa Bear’s got it from here.”

Rude coiled next to Cloud’s hip and was quiet for a moment as he spilled more oil onto his palm, concentrating and being very careful of what he was doing. Reno slumped against the headboard, stroking Cloud’s hair, a soft, lazy smile of anticipation on his handsome face as Rude stroked both solid palms over the firm muscle of Cloud’s taut backside.

“This works on restless really well,” the man said, digging into the muscle with just enough force to relax them. He worked from the top of Cloud’s buttocks to the top of his hamstring, and then again before two deft fingers slid down the crease between. “You listen to your Papa, Cloud – no tensing, no wiggling; Reno, you see to it.”

Reno nodded a little, knowing this to the hilt and knowing how it would work best.

“No squirming and no hands,” Rude went on. “Just relax and let Papa work on you.”

With that he slid one large, nimble finger up inside of Cloud’s relaxed body and began to gently, lightly rub against the solid push of his sweet-spot.

Cloud nestled snugly into place on Reno’s belly, savoring the delicious smell of his skin that was just as sweet and alluring as Rude’s unique scent was. He already felt so deliciously relaxed and lying here was nothing more than perfect. He purred in delight as Reno stroked his fingers through his hair, a gesture that had him turn into jelly in seconds.

Rude’s firm voice was calming and strong, deep and rumbling, working on Cloud like milk and honey. He closed his eyes as Rude’s strong hands started to work his buttocks, causing another rush of endorphin to miraculously soothe and relax his entire body. He tried to remember Rude’s words and made an effort to just lie still and let Papa do his thing, and the more the large man worked, the better it felt.

Cloud tightened his arms around Reno’s hips a little bit, to make sure he wouldn’t slip away now, and he turned his head just enough to place a few soft kisses on the taut skin of Reno’s lean belly before he relaxed again and rested his cheek back in place right as Rude’s large hands slid down to trace the strong tendons on the backside of his thighs.

The firm touch was like heaven, the cunning strokes like paradise, and Cloud couldn’t even remember the last time he had felt this safe and warm and relaxed. He felt Rude’s hand slide up once more, and when two fingers slowly followed the crease between his buttocks, Cloud moaned lowly and felt a shudder run down his spine as blood once more rushed south and caused his erection to throb even harder than before. He gasped when he felt Rude’s fingers brush over the puckered flesh of his opening, and when a finger gently probed him it met absolutely no resistance. He was too relaxed to even let instincts fight the intrusion, and he let out a soft, delighted gasp at the welcome stimulation.

His reaction, however, when the finger found the soft swell of his prostate was a bit more powerful, as Cloud let out a deep, surprised moan from the powerful pleasure and he had to fight hard not to defy Papa’s words and try to wiggle closer, to push back against the wonderful stimulation that suddenly seemed to be everything Cloud could register and craved more than breathing. He gasped for breath and tightened his hold on Reno’s hips for a bit until he managed to regain control and instead surrendered himself completely, handed over all control of his body to his Papa and the pleasure of his ministrations.

“Good boy,” Rude purred, soothing his other hand up the tight curve of Cloud’s lower back, stroking his skin with firm, sweeping motions. He felt Cloud’s body spasm around his finger and slid the other oiled finger down to rub the soft stretch of skin that led to the taut bulge of his balls. “Just relax, my good boy.”

“Deep breath,” Reno whispered, his fingers working through Cloud’s hair and down to his nape, petting him, praising him, lending his own comfort. Cloud’s grip on his lean hips slowly relaxed and Reno moved one hand to caress his shoulder and back up to his nape, his heavy-lidded blue eyes watching Rude’s face and the absolute concentration written there. “Keep breathing nice and easy, baby bear, and when you feel like you need to tighten up, just exhale real slow and ignore it.”

Rude said nothing to counter these instructions – Reno had been on the receiving end of this for more years than either of them would ever tell, and he’d perfected the ability to just let it happen. So Rude let Reno do the talking, and applied just a bit more soft pressure to Cloud’s sweet-spot in his slow, gliding stroke.

“Here, lift up, baby bear,” Reno instructed, pulling his long legs up to brace his feet on the mattress and urging Cloud to tuck his legs under so that the full weight of his erection and sac hung free, giving Rude room to work. After he hit the pressure and speed he was aiming for, Rude slid his other hand down to Cloud’s sex and lightly touched him.

“Sh,” he purred, feeling Cloud’s slight tensing at the sudden touch. With two fingers, he slowly and lightly swept a line from the base of Cloud’s erection to just beneath the tight head. “Stay relaxed, no matter what. It’s going to feel odd for a little while, you may feel like you’re going to urinate, but you won’t, I promise you.”

Reno grinned and Rude smirked at him, recalling the same event – one of Reno’s more determined protests to this treatment.

“It’ll feel good, Cloud,” Reno said, shifting his attention to the smaller swordsman, still cradling his head on his lean belly. “It’s like an orgasm, only different – it’s way longer, and it feels better in a different way. It’s hard to explain, but it’ll blow your mind. You just have to let Papa Bear here do all the work, okay? He’ll tease it right out of you, baby, and you won’t believe how much you still got to give.”

Rude smiled, moved his fingers back to lightly press at the underside base of Cloud’s penis, and slowly repeated the stroking movement in a slow, light rhythm with the press of his finger within him.

Cloud could feel things happening in his body that he had never experienced before, and for a while he had to fight with himself to stay still and not do something that would ruin it. It was like all control of his own body slowly seeped from him, slowly slipped from his grasp and turned into something almost unfathomable.

Reno’s soothing words was a lifeline that kept him steady, made sure he still had an anchor to cling to, and every time he felt the urge to tense up, he remembered what Reno had said and exhaled deeply, ghosting warm breath over Reno’s taut belly until he once again calmed down and let go of the urge to resist what was happening.

It was instinct more than anything, the urge to stay in control, nursed all the way from the time in Hojo’s labs and into the present, strengthened by the fact that it was exactly what he had failed to accomplish – to stay in control. He had been manipulated and messed with in his head by so many people over the years, Hojo, Sephiroth, ShinRa… And now, once he had regained control of himself, it was hard to let go.

But somehow Reno and Rude were different. Somehow he had found something in them that he hadn’t been able to find anywhere else, and he knew that he trusted them more than he had trusted anybody since Zack. It was the greatest gift he could have ever asked for because this trust was based in love, and nothing was stronger than that. To be able to let go and leave the control over to someone else was exactly what Cloud needed, and he had already experienced the pleasure of doing so to the both of them several times, so this shouldn’t be hard either.

The one thing that made it a little bit more difficult than the things they had done before, was the fact that he could feel things happening in his body that he had never experienced before and wasn’t prepared for, and it was both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. When Rude started to stroke him rhythmically both internally and on the outside, Cloud started to breathe deeper as he felt something happening within him, like a trigger mechanism had been unlocked, and a deep moan escaped his lips. Yes, in a way it felt like he had to urinate, and then again no, it was different, too. The urge to resist flared for a brief second, but then he remembered what they had said, and the panicky feeling subsided again as quickly as it had risen.

He let himself go with it instead, slowly drifting back into that almost trance Rude and Reno had so expertly nursed him into, forgetting everything about fear and the sudden urge to rush to the bathroom. He let the feelings claim him again and breathed in deeply, like Reno had said, letting it fill him with those strange, intoxicating sensations inside. It was strange, yes, but more than anything it felt so good that it made his head spin, and soon everything seemed to focus on what was happening inside him down there from Papa’s gentle handling.

If he had searched for it, Cloud might still have felt a slight tinge of panic in the back of his head, but it never got a chance to surface, because deep down he trusted Rude and managed to stay calm from knowing that his Papa knew exactly* what he was doing. Reno’s gentle caresses was the last and final factor that made this possible for Cloud, because it felt so good, so soothing and comforting that he just closed his eyes and leaned into it when Reno’s hand slid through his hair and down his nape.

He would be okay, they had his back and he trusted them. He needed them more than he needed anything, and here he was happy. Here, with them, he was free, and he could let go of that last snippet of control to just feel and let himself be lead into blissful oblivion. So he did.

“There ya go, Baby Bear,” Reno purred, cupping Cloud more fully to him, his long and sensitive fingers sweeping down the man’s back. Muscle twitched and rolled in response before easing back to relaxation. He knew exactly what Cloud was going through, exactly the conflicting emotions he was probably feeling.

“Kinda hard, ain’t it, Cloud? All this time you’re all your own, then Rude slips in and just changes everything. I know it’s rough at first, letting him have it all; but believe me, Cloud, it’s well worth it.”

Rude kept up, his finger rubbing firmly and slowly over Cloud’s sweet spot, the first two fingers of his other hand rubbing from base to tip, base to tip in a slow, light cycle. Never down again, no – base to tip to urge it out, and when he felt the first warm, wet drop on his fingertips he praised, “Good boy, Cloud. Can you feel it start? Let it just flow out of you for me.”

Reno grinned, fingers moving back to Cloud’s hair, a light shiver coursing through him.

“Just relax,” he urged. “It can take awhile the first time, but gods it feels amazing, baby.”

He glanced up at his other lover whose stern face had softened in the presence of his boys. Rude hid many, many things behind his sunglasses and frowns, but when he touched either one of them the love showed through so clearly on his face that it was undeniable, and it warmed Reno to the tips of himself.

“There’s my good boy,” Rude repeated, both hands working Cloud’s responsive, delightful flesh. His tender body gave with the light motion, yielding and supple; but the core of him was made of steel, Rude knew. That was where he wanted to be, that was the part of his lover he longed to see – every vulnerability laid before his feet with the same utter, blissful trust as he gave his beautiful and cherished body.

Cloud could feel it starting slowly, like a small current of electricity that sparked at the base of his spine and ran all the way down with tingling, miniature bolts of lightening, finding each and every nerve ending and bringing them to life. It was like nothing he had ever known before, and as the first drops of liquid were milked from his body Cloud let out a deep moan of surprise. It was as if he’d had no choice in the matter whatsoever, like his body had completely freed itself of his will and lent itself to Rude to do his bidding. It was the most amazing thing that Cloud had ever experienced, and yet was frightening at the same time. He drew in several hard gasps, tightening his hold on Reno as he struggled with his flaring instinct to get away and reclaim himself. But as the feelings intensified and the trickle turned into a flow, Cloud let out another deep breath and finally gave in, handing it all over to Rude.

There was no more struggling, no more fear. The warrior had surrendered himself completely and he was ripe for the taking, ready for anything. He belonged to the powerful man above him, body, heart, and soul, and the sensations that claimed his body overpowered all else. He just clung to Reno, feeling himself start to tremble from the amazing stimulation, from the touch of Reno’s soothing hand running through his hair. It felt like a lifeline, like an anchor to cling to. He had no voice to call out with, everything had gone to the sensations claiming him from the spiky hair on his head to the tips of his toes, and as the sizzling current turned into a bolt of surging lightening, Cloud let go and gave himself up completely to love and trust.

Reno felt Cloud’s sudden, instinctive tension, felt the brief struggle as sense-of-self clashed with blind trust. He didn’t envy Cloud that moment, however brief it was. Cloud stood on the cliff’s edge staring down into something he couldn’t clearly see, and his only assurance was his faith in his lovers. It was an unbelievable trust, something Reno could hardly fathom, something that awed him with its meaning. That Cloud could offer it so selflessly, with such abandon and at such risk…it left Reno speechless. All he could do was tighten his own grip, his fingers playing through Cloud’s wild hair and one hand stroking the corded muscles of his shoulders. He loved him so much in that moment, so much more than he could have imagined, so much love for them both that it overflowed the boundaries of his heart. He wanted to say it, to breathe it on the softness of his skin, to murmur it against his lips; instead, he said it with the warm cradle of his body, with the brush of his fingertips, with the almost soundless purr that bubbled to the surface.

Rude felt Cloud give for him, give to him. He felt that moment of hesitance pass into one of pure acceptance. Cloud’s body opened for him, drawing him in, warm and tight around his stroking finger but still giving. The young warrior’s firm sex thrummed against the sensitive pads of his fingertips, tight with blood and warm to the touch. Every slow stroke brought another dribble of creamy fluid spilling out in a slow flow, one pearly drop after another until a thin line formed. Another brush of his fingers and it broke, but a thicker drop began to well. He could feel the tightness of Cloud’s sac against his curled fingers, soft and hairless skin pulled taut with desire. Reno had spoken the truth – it was like an orgasm, only slow and intense, without the clench and spasm of muscle. It was a pleasure Rude delighted in giving and one he was glad to share so soon with Cloud.

“My beautiful boy,” he crooned, coaxing it out of him until a wet puddle formed beneath the trembling head of his flushed sex. “Deep breaths, Cloud, and let go. You’re safe, you’re safe with us, and Papa wants it all from you, now.”

Cloud was completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the stretched-out, orgasmic feeling, and his deep, even breathing was audible as he let Rude’s soothing voice fill his mind, urging him to trust and give everything he was. It was something Cloud had never been able to do with anybody before, and to finally surrender was more relieving than he had ever imagined it could be. He gave into it and let is consume him completely, let his love and trust in his lovers be the lifeline that held him together and guided him through. He felt Reno’s love through every touch, every breath he drew in, and he clung to him for support while Rude gave him pleasure he had never even imagined existed. It was like having his soul set on fire, like having every worry and fear erased and replaced with peace and utter contentment. As Rude patiently milked every drop from him, Cloud felt his body grow weak with satisfaction until he was nothing but a purring mess in Reno’s lap. Rude had asked for everything and Cloud willing gave just that, wanting nothing more than to show his trust and love in every possible way. Reno was right – it was well worth it, and the sense of relief and contentment was like a blanket over him. He felt what was left of his strength drain from him as Rude coaxed the last drops out of his body. There was no way he was going to be able to move a muscle after this, and despite his instincts, he couldn’t find it in his heart to mind.

There was a gradual softening in Cloud’s sex, a slow slide into repose that told Rude his boy had given everything he had. He crooned to him wordlessly, his Cloud, praising him for his absolute trust. He swept his fingers once more from base to tip before he eased his finger from Cloud’s relaxed body. The air was cool after the heat of him, but Rude didn’t mind it. With his clean hand he caressed Cloud’s backside, giving him a soft pat on firm muscle.

“He’s almost asleep,” Reno whispered, grinning at Rude, his lean body still cradling Cloud’s.

“Move over, off of the wet spot,” Rude murmured, helping Reno move Cloud. He pressed on the young swordsman’s lower back to urge him to lie flat, and then nodded a little to Reno before heading to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Reno took the nod for permission and wrangled Cloud’s relaxed body up higher onto his chest so that the man’s moist sex lay nestled between the lean vee of his thighs.

“He’s so smitten with you, Cloud,” he said, smiling as he breathed it into his lover’s ear. He knew Cloud was awake, but so relaxed that he might not respond. It didn’t matter, Reno knew how happy Cloud was, but he had to talk all the same. That was simply who Reno was. “It was amazing, right? Nothin’ quite like Papa Bear giving a little one-on-one. I used to fight him so hard…But I’m glad I don’t gotta fight anymore, yo; and I’m real glad you ain’t gotta fight, either. We’re safe with him, Cloud – with him and with each other.”

He pulled his slender fingers through Cloud’s wild hair and hugged him tighter, savoring the nearness of the man who shared the dangerous territory of his tightly-guarded heart.

A/N:  Due to the circumstances, unless I decide to finish this alone, the Hard Time series stops here. Thank you, everyone, for enjoying the story to this point, and I hope that what we were able to produce was able to inspire and delight you.

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